Why the Budding Industry of CBD is Growing Fast in the U.S.

CBD or cannabidiol offers a myriad of medicinal benefits to several health conditions. With so much skepticism and tomfoolery going around in the CBD industry, one thing is for sure – its positive effects on the health of humans and even pets are undeniable. Many people mistakenly consider CBD as a dangerous substance. But they should note that CBD is marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin that does not bring a high and giddy feeling like THC. 

So, why is CBD all over the internet? 

CBD is an ever-growing industry in the United States, with sales projected to reach into billions in no time. Based on the report of the Hemp Business Journal, the predicted value of the CBD industry will reach an approximate of $1.3 billion by 2022. 

There are over a thousand brands of CBD-infused products in the US market today that constitute a plethora of herbal supplements. You can now find CBD in tinctures, CBD oils, baked goods, capsules, face creams, beverages, and skin patches, to name a few in the market. Many studies say it works from headaches to aching joints, rejuvenates the body, relieves skin conditions, and stops menstrual cramps. The broad market of the expanding CBD industry is the edibles market, where consumers tout CBD as a superfood. 

As the CBD market continues to flourish and the laws change, it is highly likely that consumers will have even more of them. Although most of these products are available on online stores and pop-up boutiques nationwide, the only thing that keeps them from Walmart and 711 is the FDA. 

What does CBD do? 

CBD is one of the hundreds of chemicals derived from different cannabis species. But as opposed to THC, CBD does not provoke any psychoactive reaction. Several preliminary clinical research has shown that CBD helps reduce stress and anxiety, has inflammatory properties, improves the quality of sleep, and boosts cognition. But that’s not all; it can also enhance the overall health condition of your skin. Thus far, CBD-related studies have concentrated on the use of plant chemicals to fight severe health conditions like epilepsy and cancer. So because of CBD, a whole new take on wellness is emerging and creating a thriving market not only for health providers but also for health and wellness brands. 

What are the challenges?

While there are incredible opportunities available for big businesses to enter the CBD industry in the United States, the shift in the market also comes with challenges. The most significant concern for consumers and manufacturers entering the market is to find a reliable quality-consistent and traceable source of CBD products that can meet the demands of the industry. Since not all CBD undergoes the same processes, it is essential to understand the operation and its source. 

The Takeaway

The United States is going coo-coo for CBD products, and the race is on for several CBD brands wanting to establish awareness and industry dominance. It is also painting an attractive picture and advancing at a fast pace, which makes it challenging to monitor the increases in sales and revenues. As more consumers become aware of CBD products and benefits, many companies are beginning to battle for position in the marketplace. Fast forward to 2022, the focus of the consumers would still be to unwind, gain some headspace, and slow down. And what better substance to take than CBD, a substance that redefines outdated concepts about cannabis and helps users achieve a balance? 

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