When Success is a Lifestyle: 6 Tips for Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Success is a Lifestyle

A lifestyle entrepreneur is someone who develops a business intending to change their lifestyle. These people strive to have complete control of their time, allowing them to live a lifestyle of success and freedom. Instead of chasing after profits and monetary objects, lifestyle entrepreneurs strive for a lifestyle of health, happiness, and meaningful work.

In today’s ultra-connected world, it’s easier than ever to live a life that is both financially and spiritually fulfilling. If you’re ready to take the plunge into a new way of thinking and living, here are six tips for becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur. 

Leverage the necessary tools

Lifestyle entrepreneurs only need two things: a reliable computer and fast internet. These business-savvy individuals often take on the role of digital nomads: people who travel worldwide while using the Internet for work. This practice is part of what makes the lifestyle so liberating, but it does require a few tools to execute successfully. 

Firstly, a durable laptop and portable WiFi hotspot are musts if you’re going to be cutting deals on the go. Other travel essentials such as high-quality luggage, charger adapters, and luggage locks are also a must. Lastly, you’ll need a solution to keep your ducks in a row back on your home turf. 

That’s where technology like the virtual mailbox comes into play. A virtual mailbox is a staffed location that can manage correspondence for you while you’re living your best life. Whenever you receive a letter or package, you’ll get an alert on your phone or computer. From there, you can decide whether you’d like your mail scanned, forwarded to you, or destroyed. Tools like these are a great example of how lifestyle entrepreneurs manage business and pleasure simultaneously. 

Double down on a niche you are passionate about

Before you build your foundation, you’ll need to do some introspection. Growing as a lifestyle entrepreneur means knowing your passion. Because this philosophy is all about combining your business with your lifestyle, your business plan should revolve around something you enjoy.  Running a successful business means you’ll be sharing that joy with others, so think carefully about what that means to you. 

Form a solid foundation

Now that you have a clear vision of your business concept, it’s time to lay the groundwork. 

The foundation of a lifestyle entrepreneur is the business website. That’s not to say that you need to be a master coder or to reinvent the wheel. But your website is your image as a brand and a person, so it should be something that you’re consistently striving to improve. 

Maintaining a consistent social media presence is also key to succeeding as a lifestyle entrepreneur. Many of your potential customers, clients, and partners are the so-called “digital natives” to whom social media represents a second home. 

Most people’s attention is on social media platforms, so your business should also have a presence. Utilize your social media platforms to create valuable content, find new clients, and establish partnerships.

Identify your favorite places to work

Your productivity and effectiveness as a lifestyle entrepreneur depend on where you work. However, becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur does not mean you are tied to a single location. The possibilities are unlimited as long as you can grind with a laptop, a standard internet connection, and a few business tools. 

Entrepreneurial lifestyles can grant you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, but it won’t be helpful if you can’t accomplish your work while you’re there. That’s why it’s essential to take stock of where you’re most productive and build your travel plans around that environment. 

Setting up a home office is nice, but working from home can get boring after a while. On the other hand, renting out commercial space is costly. To find a happy medium, check out some of the cost-effective to check out when you travel as a lifestyle entrepreneur:

  • Co-working spaces
  • Coffee shops
  • Libraries
  • Desk rental
  • Public parks
  • Hotels

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and that’s what this lifestyle is all about. 

Know your target audience

Who would benefit the most from your service? As you develop a marketing and content development plan, you must know who your message reaches. Anything you publish should help your target audience in a meaningful way. Remember, this lifestyle is about improving your community as much as it’s about funding your excursions. 

If you aren’t entirely sure of your target audience yet, it’s okay and completely normal. You may offer a service to reach a broad demographic. As you go through the lifestyle entrepreneur process, analyze which groups you have the most success with. Then, double down on your marketing efforts to this segment.

Put in the work and manage your time effectively

Now that you have a service idea, plan and put the necessary resources to work. This quality separates the failed lifestyle entrepreneurs and the successful ones.

It starts with managing your time effectively. Each new day is an opportunity to improve yourself and serve more people. Instead of constantly only considering the long-term, focus on how you can maximize the next 24 hours. Write out your schedule each day (with room for flexibility), and then execute your plans.

Final wrap up

Lifestyle entrepreneurs create a system to serve many people, spend time on activities they enjoy, and leave a more significant impact on the world. It starts with a vision, a unique skill, and a work ethic that allows you to excel in a technological world. If you’ve got what it takes, this work lifestyle could be the lifestyle that works for you. 

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