What Fuelled the Meteoric Rise of Online Casinos?

Online Casinos

While it is true that casino games and betting have historically always had a weight in the way of understanding leisure in society, it was not until a few years ago that the world saw a great influx of players.

Gambling has generally been associated with addiction and crime for centuries, leading to a negative image in the society. However, things have started changing slowly. The legality and transparency of the current gaming industry has allowed a huge range of options to be opened, and all of them supported by the law, and by responsible gaming.

In this article, we are going to try to understand the rise of betting, and the online casino specifically. We will also give you some cool tips to get more out of one of the most exciting forms of online gambling, online slot machines. Let’s get started.

Online Casinos: How Did they Become So Popular

Appearance of the first online casinos and internet gambling

Although it seems like an eternity, the truth is that it is not so long ago that online gambling platforms came into our lives. In fact, the first online casinos began to open up to the internet in the early and mid-2000s (with a few exceptions, of course).

We can say that it was in that stretch of time, when society evidenced a notorious arrival of casino games and sports betting, available to anyone.

Before that, to enjoy popular games such as blackjack, roulette or bingo, it was necessary to go to a physical gambling hall or casino. Therefore, there was a lot to improve in terms of comfort and accessibility.

The world’s top bookmakers bet on technology almost instantaneously and adopted it wholeheartedly. Surely that is why some names like Bet365, Betfair or Betway are well known to you. Over the years hundreds of platforms have been created, reaching record figures in the 2010s. What’s more, this isn’t the peak of this industry by any stretch of the imagination.

What is the reason for its growing popularity?

We would be delusional if we believed that gambling and casino games have never caught the attention of society before. The personality of the human being does not stop being simple, and that is why he feels attracted to situations of tension or risk. And that is precisely what gambling money causes, without knowing if the final result will be positive or negative for you.

On the one hand, we have the bookmakers, which have benefited from the great impact that professional sports have today. Being continually on the lips of the media, it facilitates greater understanding by fans, and being aware of any related news. Starting from this point, sports betting is a great attraction for sports lovers, who see being able to earn money with their favorite sports as a possibility. Or those in which they have the most knowledge.

On the other hand, when it comes to online casinos, being able to play on the internet has allowed unparalleled accessibility for any citizen. You no longer need to wear a jacket to go to a casino, or have to take the car to get to the nearest gambling establishment. With just a computer or mobile phone, it will already be possible to earn money online. This freedom is what has made online casinos so popular and accessible to everyone. Although it is not the only reason, far from it.

Possibility of receiving bonuses and great promotions

Another factor that has most favored online casinos breaking user records is the possibility of receiving welcome bonuses and other promotions just by registering on a platform.

Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos (at least the vast majority of them) usually give away bonuses and promotions to their new players. With these bonuses, it is possible to double or equal the deposits you have made to your account. And in this way considerably increase your account balance.

Logically, it is not the same to start playing with € 100, than to do it with € 200. So any player is going to be attracted by the possibility that the online platform gave them an extra amount for free.

The same happens with the promotions or offers that many online casinos have for their already registered users. You can find discounts or bonuses depending on what games or situations that you would never receive in a physical casino. Therefore, the chances of success are much greater.

Most casino games are available online

Finally, another key aspect that could not be missed was the amount of casino games that operators usually have. For obvious reasons, in physical casinos there are a maximum of possible options, but being an online platform, the options are unlimited.

Whether you are a fan of blackjack, online casino slots or roulette, you will find hundreds of different game types and versions. You can try a different game every day, and you will still have more than half to discover by the end of the year. One of the biggest attractions, without a doubt. We will give you some quick tips to make your online slots experience better.

Strategies to adopt in slot machines

Budget or Bankroll

Establish a budget and don’t let the emotions of winning or losing change it. You have a set budget that you are willing to lose in the name of entertainment, you cannot spend more on that game. If you lose it, you must lose it in its entirety or by a margin of less than 10% and withdraw for the rest of the day. You will return to gambling only when financially you have a surplus to re-establish a gambling budget.

Be emotionless and very methodical

It is very important to only play when your mood is positive, without emotional distractions such as the need to get out of financial trouble or depression. Never gamble when you do not have the financial solvency, gambling is not the solution to your financial problems, rather you only go to them when you have a balanced life and you do it as a healthy hobby.

All the casinos that we recommend in Spain include a gambler protection program, where you can contact support to set limits on bets and thus control the maximum you can spend.

Choose the slots with the highest payout percentage

Most slots pay out between 92% to 97% of the time you press the button or press the lever. The casinos that we recommend publish this percentage in the information of each game, so that you can choose those that pay the most and are above 92%. 

What to do if the slot is “hot” and you win very often?

Remember the number of odds, only between 8% and 3% of all your playing time on a single machine will be winners on average. So if you see that you are in a winning moment, you must withdraw immediately afterwards, since your 3% is over and there is only a gap. Stop playing and find another machine, especially after going through a bonus round.

Take your earnings out of the budget

What you win will not be bet, set it aside as part of your winnings and keep betting the bankroll. In the end if you end up with losses they will be cushioned by the small gains or with your initial budget plus the profit. It is perhaps the best strategy to play slots of all and it will keep you alive for a long time to enjoy your bets much more.

Classic vs. Modern slots: Which is better

It is very important to know which machine suits you best. The industry is designed to make you think that modern slots offer many more winning options, as they include numerous bonus games, jackpots, and up to 25 line combinations with Wilds and Scatters (wilds and multipliers). This is all great up to a point, because the more lines of play you choose, your small bet multiplies disproportionately and your budget will disappear very quickly.

What does the future hold for online casinos?

It is clear that online casinos have become a highly demanded entertainment tool worldwide. The number of players continues to increase every year, as well as the number of new online casinos on the market. However, it is still estimated that the absolute peak of this sector has not been reached and that in the coming years, both the number of players and online casinos will continue to increase. If you are a fan of online casinos, the world will soon be your oyster.

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