Webcam: The Dark Side of Easy Money


The webcam industry is becoming an increasingly popular source of income. This sphere is often associated with freedom and easy money. But like any job of this kind, camming has its consequences. In this article, we will oppose the romanticization of webcams. Together with models and experts, we figured out what life really looks like on the other side of the screen.

Consequences of being involved in webcams

The anonymous survey conducted by psychologists revealed the consequences of working as a VR adult cams model. About half of the respondents said that webcams harmed their psychological state. Some girls have depersonalization – when you pull away from your body and look at it from the side. Other respondents said that while making money on a webcam, they had difficulties with their sexual partners and problems with their sexuality. Many reported that their previous psychological issues, such as eating disorders, self-harm, drug, and alcohol addictions, even worsened.

There are also difficulties associated with the fear of deanonymization – the girls are afraid that someone can record their stream and soon start blackmailing them. Here is what they say:

  • “I can’t stop thinking about getting plastic surgery”, 
  • “I’m sure my videos were recorded”, 
  • “I know that streams were recorded in the studio.” 

The fear of deanonymization and blackmail is the main fear that unites everyone: both those who spoke neutrally or positively about webcam, and those who spoke negatively. In addition, people who have finished with a webcam often experience a feeling of anxiety and shame associated with the fact that recordings from their streams can be made public at any time. They fear harassment, criticism, and social rejection.

“Clients always ask for more, they can insult you if you don’t do something. They believe that if they paid, they can demand whatever they want” – said one of the respondents.

Of course, any member can be banned. But at the same time, many factors can make a girl put up with an unpleasant client, such as obligations to the studio and the need to be at the top of the site. Talking about webcams, they regularly say that you can only do what you want yourself. But in fact, girls in their activities are constantly forced to agree with what violates their boundaries.

​​Is it possible to protect yourself from deanonymization and bullying?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely protect yourself in this industry. You can only mentally prepare for what will happen. Perhaps a little easier for those who have support. If there is a fear that this may happen, then it is important to find at least one person to whom you can tell everything without fear of rejection.

In addition, it is better not to engage in conversation with the aggressors. If the person starts to threaten you, then you can write a statement to the police. And if bullying occurs on social networks, then it is better to file a complaint with the administration of the resource. It is important not to tolerate these facts and whenever possible seek outside help.

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