Trends In Automotive Industry To Watch Out For

Trends In Automotive Industry To Watch Out For

The current market for autonomous vehicles has declined from $24.1 billion last year to $23.3 billion this year due to the ongoing crisis, according to Research and Market. However, experts are confident that the automotive industry will bounce back and reach up to $37.22 billion by 2023. Sales are picking up already as car companies are offering affordable deals for their vehicles, along with must-have car accessories to complement their vehicle. Aside from that, car enthusiasts should monitor the latest car innovations such as the ones below to grab the best vehicle for their needs. 

Connectivity For Safety

Most vehicles nowadays are equipped with digital identity to separate them from other cars. This vehicle identity makes tracking the car easier especially when used during emergencies, or if needed by the insurance company, as well as finding it in a large parking lot. Exchanging vehicular data especially during maintenance speeds up the work while also enabling more accurate diagnosis. Reading expert reviews on automobiles with connectivity features can help determine the best model to purchase. 

Artificial Intelligence Assisting Drivers 

Self-driving cars are being developed by companies such as Tesla which makes use of Artificial Intelligence or AI. This technology helps reduce road accidents by being able to interpret the vehicle’s speed and how close it is to another car. AI is being used in car manufacturing as it helps speed up the process for more vehicles to be put up on sale. Also, tech companies are using this program to keep track of car fleets not just to locate their whereabouts, but also for diagnostic purposes. 

Human-Machine Interface  

Another trend in the automotive industry that should be checked is the built-in human-machine interface or HMI. An example of this innovation is being able to control the car using one’s voice or by haptic feedback. This helps in expanding how a driver can use and interact with their vehicles while they are on the road not just for their safety, but for entertainment as well. Another example of HMI application is as a smart driving assistant that supports the interaction between the driver and other service providers with ease. 

With increasing research in EV technology, the tech stack to build an EV companion app is always growing.

Automotive innovations like connectivity help make it for car owners to keep track of their vehicles wherever they may be. The use of AI in automobiles not only enhances the driver’s safety but also speeds up the manufacturing process too. These innovations are shaping the future of the automotive industry which we should look forward to. 

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