The One Car Accessory Many Camp-Enthusiasts Overlook

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Everyone’s a happy camper until that hailstorm hits and now your car looks like swiss cheese because there was nowhere solid to park it under. You’d be surprised with how many camping trips have ended with a direct drive to the mechanic’s and your car could very well be next. This is not meant to put you off camping, but instead to learn about what you can do to protect your vehicle even when it’s parked in the middle of the woods. 

While car mats protect your car’s interior from mud and all kinds of gunk, auto covers work to protect the exterior from the elements around it. But what exactly can a car cover protect your vehicle from when you are out camping?

The Hidden Dangers of Moisture

A little moisture does not seem like much of a problem at first, which it really isn’t. We wash our cars regularly and they stay whole, so what’s the problem? The problem isn’t so much getting your car wet but rather keeping it that way. We’ve had our fair share of driving in a heavy rainstorm. But after we finish driving we take our car to the garage, away from the rain, where it can dry out.

Out in nature, however, there is rarely any solid roof to park your car under. This means that your car is going to be exposed to a lot more water. To circumvent this problem, all you need is a car that is weatherproof. Instead of driving around trying to find a thicket of trees to park your car under and protect it from the rain to some extent, a  car cover  should be all the protection that you need from the rain.

Some of the best rated car covers on the market are breathable and waterproof, making them super effective at protecting your vehicle from water damage and possible rust or other corrosive damage.

Impact Protection

When you’re out in the woods, the rain is not the only danger to your vehicle. There are plenty of other elements which are capable of harming your vehicle. If left unprotected, there is a good chance that you are going to leave the campsite with a battered up car, with all kinds of dents and scratches. 

This is why some car covers are also impact-resistent. Now, they won’t protect your car from a falling tree. But all those branches and pine cones that would have otherwise put all matter of dents, scrapes, and scratches into the surface of your vehicle, will bounce off harmlessly. 

To be fair: this mostly depends on the type of car cover you are using. Some offer more impact protection than others and it really comes down to your preference and your needs. You can find a wide range of car cover capable of protecting its exterior from falling objects and saving you money that you would have otherwise spent on expensive repairs and paint jobs.

Mud and Dirt

Much like howcar matsprotect your vehicle’s interior from the mud and dirt that you track in, car covers protect your vehicle’s exterior it too. Left out in the rain, if the water doesn’t get to those deeper parts of your vehicle, the mud certainly will.

Having to clean mud out of the garage is most likely not the way you want to spend the day after you return from your camping trip. Happy camping is all about being prepared for anything nature throws your way. Car covers are another measure you can take against all the elements that can potentially harm your vehicle.

This is why mud and dirt stand no chance against the car of a camper who knows how to prepare for a trip.

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