The Best Affiliate Programs of 2022

Affiliate Programs

Want to monetize your blog or web project? Affiliate marketing is the right way to increase your income! To create an effective affiliate marketing campaign, it is important to choose the best affiliate platform. We have selected for you the top paying affiliate programs that are trusted by many users. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Affiliate marketing: What is it?

In fact, the answer is very simple and points to a sales report on behalf of third parties who release a percentage of the total profit from the purchase.

It all seems simple: you put a link, sell a product and make money… but that’s not quite true. To sell, you need to adopt different strategies and create a niche audience that follows you and knows you.

We give a simple example, you open a business in your city (for example, a bar or store), but no one knows you, and your earnings are small. After advertising operations, special offers, social publications, and word of mouth, the tour of your restaurant expands and your income grows. Now take everything to the affiliate world, because the system of expanding your business is the same, but in most cases, it happens from home, without fixed costs or employees.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate platform with many benefits. The primary interest for you is the opportunity to become an affiliate of a world-renowned site. Which we think is a very interesting business opportunity. Indeed, by integrating links on your site, you can make your traffic profitable, exceeding your expectations. Here we would advise to position yourself on several topics. With Amazon having millions of products, your subscribers will appreciate diversity even more. Rewards vary by item, so we referred to the categories that pay the most. A big perk of being an affiliate with Amazon is being able to get paid for all the other purchases made by a visitor coming from your site.


Daisycon is a pioneering platform in the affiliate marketing industry. With 20 years of experience as an intermediary, Daisycon ensures an efficient collaboration between advertisers and publishers. We offer many affiliate programs and help you achieve your digital marketing goals through competent publisher networks. Daisycon is present throughout Europe. In addition to affiliate services, it offers lead generation and CPC campaigns. Its website recommends good deals to its followers. The platform also provides paid surveys.


For those who don’t know, AliExpress is a marketplace that is hugely successful because of its extremely competitive prices and variety of products. Joining this marketplace can be a bargain, both because of its rapidly growing fame and for its prices. In addition, the interest rates are much higher than Amazon’s.


Fiverr is one of the largest portals in the world where you can find freelancers for any type of work: website or app creation, social media management, logo design, SEO, video editing, video animation creation, virtual help, online consulting, copywriting, translation, life coaching and more.

No matter what sector you are dealing with in your blogs, at Fiverr you will find hundreds of quality promotion services also offered by Italian professionals. To sign up, simply click on this link and enter your information. You will be immediately approved, and you will have access to a dashboard with a link builder and all the creatives.

CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction, now CJ Affiliate, is an international affiliate marketing platform. It’s a great place to start if you have a blog that focuses on travel, finance, or high-tech. I liked it because of its innovative tools, and I liked it because of the many tools it offers. To optimize your affiliations, you can integrate Deep Link Generator, Widget Creator, or Automatic Matching in your scripts. You can choose to customize your blog or automate it. By integrating these tools, you will improve your visitors’ experience.


This international affiliate platform for selling digital and physical products is used by over 200 million users. It is ideal for bloggers who work in smaller niches. Clickbank offers a tool that identifies marketers by geography, age range, and industry. It is one of the most affordable affiliate platforms and offers many tools that allow you to monitor sales performance in the marketplace.


PartnerStack is a SaaS affiliate marketing platform. It helps you generate revenue through web-based partnerships. It allows you to track customer loyalty programs and direct sales through distributor networks. This site also provides the ability to prospect with the platform’s partners. Moreover, PartnerStack offers a fluidity of transaction to its users. Indeed, you are paid every month via your credit card. In addition, your partners can make withdrawals via PayPal. In addition to the programs already offered by the platform, you can design your own program. A team assists and advises you in your steps.

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