The Art of Board Composition: Building a High-Performing and Diverse Board of Directors

The Art of Board Composition

A powerful and comprehensive digitalization of the business sector continues to be an urgent task. Today, the integration of advanced technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, crowdsourcing, and blockchain technologies, is no longer a unique offering. This is a good, innovative basis for the proper organization of the working business landscape of each company.

The trend toward hybrid flexibility requires high-quality technical support and an understanding of its working methods. That’s why, to move into the phase of maximum adaptability to the environment, managers are increasingly using virtual board software. This cutting-edge solution specializes in optimizing the processes of organizing boards of directors, planning agendas, and preparing meeting reports.

Next, we offer a closer look at the features of a board portal, provide tips on how to choose among board portal providers, and reveal the secret of the art of phased board composition.

How to choose an effective board portal

The quality work of an “artist” begins with the choice of appropriate material. In this case, one of the main secrets of the art of virtual meetings is a high-tech and well-structured virtual boardroom. This is specially designed software that offers customers a leading paperless meeting solution. The focus of such software is on:

  • systematization of employees’ work;
  • clear and step-by-step creation of working meetings – from sending out a notice of the conference to preparing reports;
  • making decisions that are consistent with everyone’s opinion;
  • online communication and collaboration.

However, despite the general unification of the main interface elements, each vendor may offer a unique set of additional features. For example, one of the leading software vendors, iDeals Board portal, offers its customers support at each of the intermediate stages of the organization.

That is why a potential client should carefully study the unique offers of the developers. In addition, when choosing software, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Convenience of the interface;
  • The level of security and reliable protection;
  • Access control factor (in particular, full control of access to meetings and certain documents);
  • Opportunities for potential cooperation;
  • Additional customization and integration with other platforms;
  • Pricing policy.

A thorough search and objective selection will allow clients to find a suitable platform that will help them improve their skills in the art of board composition.

Top Tools for a Highly Effective Board of Directors

From the moment a company decides to hold an online board meeting using a modern software solution, it should be understood that the overall performance indicators will depend significantly on the tools used. Although the basic concept of virtual board portals is quite clear and universal, each provider of board portal software offers unique additions.

The greatest impact on the conduct of a highly effective board of directors is made by a toolkit with the following features:

  • Interface for agenda development with an additional option to make urgent changes: responsible for automatic planning of important tasks for the day for the entire team.
  • Tools for preparing for the meeting: including mass mailing of conference notifications with a preliminary invitation and meeting structure, conference planning, and subsequent moderation during the meeting,
  • Tools for access control: the board portal administrator will have the right to change the access rights of each participant to both the conference and the uploaded files (viewing or editing);
  • A network box for real-time collaboration (together with a messenger);
  • Conference tools: online polling function, speaker mode during the call;
  • Proper tools for analyzing engagement: the preparation of statistics will demonstrate the overall effectiveness of the meeting and help to pay more attention to weaknesses in the future.

Given that the functional content will determine the effectiveness of the team and the overall quality of the video conference, potential customers should carefully choose a vendor for cooperation.

Developing a highly effective meeting using a board portal: guidance tips

A team that wants to improve the quality of virtual conferences can focus on the following aspects:

  • Begin with a clear structure for the conference, defining the objectives and calculating the expected results. This allows for planning key tasks and points to be addressed and identifies potential goals that the company should achieve as a result (for example, voting on the deal).
  • Develop an agenda. This is an extremely useful tool for guiding the team’s activities. When creating an agenda, it is critical to remember the rule: prioritize all tasks. This way, the board of directors will be sure to consider these aspects.
  • Involve meeting participants in interactivity. This greatly motivates participants to engage in dialogue and stimulates reflection and the search for ideas or solutions. Board portals offer various options for interactivity: online voting, speaker mode, secure messenger, a separate block for notes, and much more.

Any task begins with preparation. That is why board management software places great emphasis on the stages of plan development so that the team can competently delegate tasks, cooperate on time, and facilitate the implementation of each case. Therefore, the competent use of a comprehensive set of tools will significantly improve the quality of online meetings.

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