Tech Mahindra Now Uses Facial Recognition for marking attendance!

The renowned company, Tech Mahindra is soon going to introduce the facial recognition to its system, enabling all the employees to mark their attendance through it. The technology seems to be outgrowing daily. Tech Mahindra is among the top 5 companies around the work that provides IT services. Soon the media reports claim that the company is going to revolutionize the attendance system going on around the world for employees.

Tech Mahindra Soon to Revolutionize the Attendance system in Noida 

According to the media reports, Tech Mahindra is going to launch facial recognition attendance system soon in Noida. Soon all the employees of Tech Mahindra, Noida will be able to mark their attendance either by swiping their cards or by simply looking into the all-new facial recognition terminal and sign in.

Tech Mahindra can now Measure the mood of their Employees!

Tech Mahindra’s Chief People Officer, Harshvendra Soin said that this new tool will help the organization not only to mark their attendance but can also measure the mood of the employees through their moodometer.
As per the word, this system can efficiently recognize the nine different facial expressions. This system also manages to provide the moodometer score for each and every employee using the system. As per the company officials, the modometer of an employee will aggregate to the reflection of the mood of the workplace.
The technology is improving on the daily basis. This is a big step towards introducing innovation in the workplace. Soin also mentioned that soon they have plans to make the facial recognition the only way for employees to mark their attendance. The company also plans to install the system to all its branches located elsewhere after taking the feedback of the system from the employees working in its Noida branch.

What Motivated this change? 

The owner of biometric access solution supplier Navkar systems said that the reason why Tech Mahindra has decided to change their attendance system is due to the misuse of the swipe card. Unlike the swipe card, this new system will eliminate even the narrowest chances of proxy. Where the company is thinking big in change, this system brings a sense of low trust of the company over the employees.
Let’s see how efficient this technology turns out to be and wait for more information from media sources on the same. Noida will be the key testing zone for this system.

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