Stainless Steel Casting

steel casting

Crafting intricate machinery and creating ingenious automation solutions might seem easy on paper, but pulling it off is no less than an industrial miracle. Stainless steel casting is at the core of all mechanized industries these days and that’s where some manufacturers cut corners to maximize profits while compromising on the integrity of their products.

Stainless steel comes in all forms and sizes, from military grade stainless steel to phone chassis, the avenues are endless. Different clients have different needs and if the cast does not conform to the required standards, it will be useless to the client.

The perfect casting will require highly regulated furnaces and molds that melt the steel and then shape it using the mold and the end product can require a ton of work before it can be put into actual use.

Stainless Steel Casting

Stainless steel can be of many different types and may contain a different mix of compounds that help give it the different properties that it exhibits. The casting process starts with meting and finishes with the polishing process.

Even though many sophisticated stainless steel casting methods have been introduced to the world, the high level of precision can add to the costs and clients often tend to stick to an old process just to keep costs in check.

Once the mold has been cast, the final product may need to be cut using lasers if the nature of use requires high precision.

Does Stainless Steel Need Treatment?

Regardless of whether you want to get the stainless steel done using sophisticated laser-guided processes or want to take a much more traditional approach, stainless steel would still need loads of work before it can be used in intricate machines.

Solution Treatment

It goes without saying that without the right ductility and strength even the strongest stainless steel blocks would be a pile of waste. All stainless steel castings need to go through certain steps that ensure that the end product conforms to your needs.

The process works by heating an alloy to a certain temperature and holding the temperature steady for extended periods of time. An additive is then introduced into the system that the alloy takes up slowly.

The additive adds the required properties to the alloy, these can be durability, ductility, or can even be a simple thing as added shine or sonority.

Whether you want extra durability or a more sturdy build, heat and solution treatment can go a long way in ensuring that your steel functions as intended.

Blast Cleansing

It is imperative that the stainless steel block does not carry over any residue from any previous times as it can weaken the board structurally. Before any treatment can be done to the final product, the stainless steel is cleaned to remove oil or grease marks.

Surface Treatments

Once everything is ready and your steel needs to be given the final form, it can require the finish that the intended use requires. Stainless steel products come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and while you can depend on the more usual finishes, people are not afraid of trying even the mirror finish for products that are frequented more by the public and want to stand out.

You can opt for electropolishing or satin finish on your casting, there are all sorts of treatments like brushed metal finish or one that makes it impossible to rust. You might want to discuss your options with an industry professional if you’re not well-versed in the field.

The right expert will guide you according to your needs and the demands of the product on which you intend to use the metal. Finding the right foundry is important if you want to make sure that your end product is perfectly balanced and conforms to your needs. Your vendor can also suggest if there is any room for improvements in your requested stainless steel cast or requested process.

The Cirex Foundry

Cirex Steel Casting prowess is second to none thanks to the top professionals taking care of key business and industry-leading processes in place that leave no room for error. All our processes and departments employ the latest and the greatest technology that provides mental security to the client as well as results in superior quality products that are built to last.

The decades of experience that Cirex Foundry possesses perfectly places Cirex among the world’s top foundries thanks to the innovative machining processes and ingenious use of engineering solutions that provide stainless steel that matches your expectations.

Our professionals will guide you through the whole process of using Cirex foundry’s prowess for your advantage in the best possible manner. If the end product can be improved in some manner, trust Cirex professionals to provide guidance and mentoring that will help achieve operational efficiency while ensuring structural integrity.

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