Roobet Casino: The Emerging Crypto Casino

Roobet is a fast emerging crypto based casino. It is quite well designed and has naturally attracted a lot of fans towards itself. Roobet contains a lot of different gambling categories and its crypto payment system has made it very popular among new age, tech savvy gamblers. Roobet accepts different types of cryptocurrency and is becoming more popular with every passing day. Let’s find out more about it.

Roobet: All You Need to Know

What all offers does Roobet have?

Roobet keeps surprising its players with a lot of different ways to win, giveaways, bonuses and other fantastic things to keep the experience interesting and fresh. You can stay abreast with Roobet’s promo codes and other offers by following it on social media and signing up for newsletters. Roobet provides a lot of giveaways, promo codes and raffles for its users to constantly spice things up for players.

What are the types of casino games available with Roobet?

With Roobet, you can win a good amount of money in many different ways. You can drown yourself in fun with a wide selection of fun games. There are over 1,000 different slot games alone. You can also participate in live games, game shows, and a variety of in-house designs. Among crypto casinos, Roobet’s proprietary games are some of the best. Crash is the true highlight and many gamblers flock to the site to just play that.

Roobet Casino: Deposits and withdrawals

While the assortment of casino games is usually the most important reason behind people selecting an online casino, banking options are also very important. At the end of the day, money talks in a casino, online or offline. When crypto currencies are involved, it becomes even more critical. While the number of crypto based online casinos is rising steadily, they are still a minority. As it is with any new system, a lot of people are still skeptical about it. 

Is Roobet a crypto only casino?

Yes, Roobet only operates with cryptocurrency. You can’t use any other kind of money. No Dollars/Euros/Rupees etc. Even though it’s a crypto only casino, it does not accept too many cryptocurrencies. It’s currently limited to just three: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

However, these three are the biggest names in the cryptocurrency world, so they should work for most crypto users. However, Roobet must add more options in the future to keep up with the ever growing crypto world. Litecoin was added very recently to its roster and that’s actually a good sign which hints at a positive growth trend. 

How to make a deposit with Roobet?

If you want to make a deposit with Roobet, you will need to access the Roobet cashier section on the website and click on the deposit tab. Over there, you will be able to scroll through the multitude of available cryptocurrency deposit options. You will also be able to find some help on how to get these cryptocurrencies so that you can start gambling with them on Roobet. 

All three cryptocurrencies come with their unique method of depositing. Just follow the accompanying instructions. Bitcoin owners can use either a Bitcoin address or scan the QR code. Ethereum users only have the option of the address.

What are the deposit limits and time on Roobet?

Here are the minimum deposit limits for the three cryptocurrencies currently accepted on Roobet:

  • Bitcoin – No minimum or maximum deposit amount.
  • Ethereum – The minimum accepted deposit is 0.001 ETH. No maximum is stated.
  • Litecoin – The minimum deposit accepted is 0.001 LTC. No maximum is stated.

The time between you making the transfer and it showing up on your Roobet account depends on the speed of the blockchain confirmations for the transfer. For Bitcoin and Litecoin, with only one confirmation required for each, the transactions happen very fast, almost instantaneously. Ethereum operates with a three stage confirmation and as a result, takes relatively longer (a few minutes).

What are the withdrawal limits and time with Roobet?

Just like every other online casino, Roobet also comes with withdrawal limits. The minimum withdrawal allowed is $10 for each cryptocurrency. There is no maximum withdrawal limit as of now and players can withdraw as large a sum as they want. 

As far as the time it takes for the money to reach you, it once again depends on the blockchain network. Roobet releases your money instantaneously and the blockchain transfers also usually happen in an instant, but they can sometimes take as much as an hour. You can speed the process up by paying extra transfer fees (on top of the other banking fees).

Banking Fees

Banking fees are usually levied on withdrawals of your winnings from Roobet.

These fees are subject to constant change based on network traffic, especially when you choose the option to expedite the process. As per the publication date of this post, these are the banking fees for each cryptocurrency currently supported by Roobet:

  • Bitcoin withdrawal fee: $3.379 to $7.844
  • Ethereum withdrawal fee: $6.023 flat rate with no option to expedite
  • Litecoin withdrawal fee: $0.008 to $0.025

Withdrawing your winnings from Roobet is a straightforward and simple process. As long as you withdraw more than the minimum limit, you should be fine. You can withdraw as large a sum as needed. When you withdraw large chunks of money, you will be required to undergo a simple verification process though. This is done to prevent fraudulent activities. However, if your withdrawal amount is small, the verification process is usually bypassed.

Roobet Casino: User Reviews

Here are two Roobet user reviews from TrustPilot:

“I have been playing at Roobet crypto casino and I want to share my experience:

Roobet scam free online casino has the fastest, almost instant, withdrawals of any casino I’ve ever played at. Withdrawals are 5-10 times faster than other casinos out there.

The deposit credits are also instant. So, you don’t have to wait for confirmations n order to be able to play.

Every game available at Roobet is mobile friendly. Games of other online casinos, that always had issues on mobile, work perfectly at Roobet. The casino works perfectly on both iOS and Android.”

“I won $25,000 on Roobet

I was able to use a code called “tripledeposit” and i turned $300 into $900 then i played Big Bass Bonanza and i was just about to bust but then on my very last spin i hit the feature and i made it all the way to the end of the feature. I won $25,000!! I immediately withdrew the entire amount without any issues. It was instantly sent to my bitcoin wallet. Now i am deciding if i want to deposit some more and gamble but scared i might throw it all away. I’m addicted to gambling so it’s very easy for me to blow all this money like nothing.”

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