Reddit Co-Founders | Expectations of them from Bitcoin!

Recently in an interview held  Alexis Ohanian, a renowned co-founder of the famous Reddit at The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Centre about his perspective towards bitcoin (BTC). During an interview, Alexis Ohanian showed his interest in BTC by mentioning it as a way of strong value. He also added that cryptocurrencies are just grabbing traction as they are still on the early state.
He also mentioned how people are getting more attracted towards the use of cryptocurrencies over the Fiat money. According to the media sources, he also mentioned that this fact of preferring cryptocurrencies over Fiat majorly has been happening for the countries with parallel economies like Turkey.
During the interview, Ohanian also referred to how Garry Tan, his partner in VC firm, Initialized Capital opened his eyes to the fascinating crypto-industry. He mentioned that he is the same person convinced him to support Brian Armstrong, the co-founder of Coinbase.

Bitcoin Value & Its Secrets

Ohanian also mentioned that the companies like Coinbase are in a privileged state of operation to help lift the user experience so that they can obtain crypto-coins in the easiest way possible. Bitcoin has hit the market years back. This is not a new concept and therefore can be analyzed.
Recently, the co-founder of Reddit, a renowned social media, and husband of famous tennis player Serena Williams has interviewed regarding the value of bitcoin and the secrets behind the cryptocurrencies.
With the economies drifting towards cryptocurrencies, it seems like all the people from different industries are getting interested in the field. Showing interest in cryptocurrencies is one of the most frequent discussions around the market. This movement and revolution that has been brought up in the economy of the world by cryptocurrencies.
Recently, the CEO of Coinbase mentioned that the platform has managed to reach 50,000 new users that reflects that the technology and cryptocurrency are being adopted worldwide with open arms.

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