Project Management Alternatives to Asana

Project Management Alternatives to Asana

In your business, you need effective ways to track projects, manage workflows and ensure greater efficiency in your everyday tasks. Project management software is a tremendous asset in a wide range of industries. Asana has long been one of the most common and popular options. However, you can find a viable Asana alternative to help you accomplish your goals. Now is a good time to explore these different platforms and enjoy their benefits. 


Organization is critical with project management, and Workzone will take good care of you in that area. Not only is this platform user-friendly, but it has some useful tools that will keep your whole team on the same page. First, it lists a portfolio view of all the projects you’re working on. It also provides Gantt charts, dependencies and helpful reporting so you will be aware of where your projects are at each stage. You’ll also be able to personalize your daily to-do list to help keep people on task and on time with delivery. You can even set up email preferences to email team members about key milestones. 


If you have smaller teams and small- to medium-sized projects, Trello might be the right choice. Your team members won’t have to be project management experts to navigate this software. It has a simple, clean interface in which you won’t get lost. It also has a useful mobile version that is easy to move from the desktop version, and vice-versa. However, on the downside, if you have complex, larger projects, Trello isn’t the best choice. It won’t display Gantt charts and lacks some of the budget and financial tracking tools of other platforms. 


Another good Asana alternative is this Australian-based option. Jira is a great project management tool if your teams practice Lean, Kanban or Scrum. You can customize it to fit your needs with any of the numerous add-ons to enhance your tracking and management needs. It helps you prioritize your needs and has effective tracking. This software is ideal for more technical projects but maybe not as much for simpler ones. 


Some Asana alternative systems are good for larger teams, while some work better for smaller groups. ClickUp is one that you can count on regardless of the size of your team or project. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this system is that it’s easy to run through and learn how to use. You’ll also be able to do good tracking and switch between various project views. ClickUp isn’t perfect though. It does have an almost stressful number of integrations and add-ons, which can seem overwhelming. 


If you want to see your projects in a wide array of charts and different views, ProofHub is the system for you. It allows you to display Gantt charts, Kanban boards, timesheets, discussions, requests, calendars, and much more. There aren’t a lot of integrations, and it’s also more expensive than its competitors. 

Aside from Asana, there are other ways to track your work. These project management systems are ones to keep your eyes on and try. 

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