Popular Sports Betting Markets That You Can Find Once You Come Across a Top-rated Online Bookmaker

Popular Sports Betting Markets That You Can Find Once You Come Across a Top-rated Online Bookmaker

Everyone who wants to bet on sports online has to find a reliable and functioning online bookmaker. This was challenging a couple of years ago because the online betting industry was not popular, even among people who use the internet daily. Most of them preferred to visit a land-based bookmaker and place a bet on the thing they’re interested in. 

Even though land-based betting continues to be one of the popular forms of gambling in some countries, online bookmakers are becoming the new norm, even among experienced sports bettors. They’ve finally started discovering the benefits of using a top-rated online bookmaker, which is why some of them are actively trying to find the most suitable operator. The good news is that Betenemy has a huge base with more than 100 online bookmakers, and all of them are licensed by a reputable iGaming commission. Moreover, these bookies are notorious for providing their clients with everything they’re interested in, which includes promotions, features, and tons of sports.

Speaking of the devil, almost every online bookie is notorious for offering its clients an abundance of sports. However, not all of them provide enough betting markets, which is one of the reasons why some companies are more popular than others. Having access to more options is a plus, but this doesn’t mean you can use all of them. Certain online bookies may offer more than 1000 options for some popular events, so let’s go over those that stand out.

FT Score or Winner

The first option has different names, depending on the online bookmaker you visit. Some brands call it FT Score, but you can also find it as Winner, End Result, FT, 1×2, or something similar. This is one of the many markets available on every online bookie and every sport. It doesn’t matter whether you use a gambling site with many years of experience or a brand that is just getting started. This is one of the options that you will have access to, no matter which sport or event you decide to punt on.

Speaking of betting, this market allows you to decide which of the two teams or players you think will win. In some cases, the option might also include “x”, which means you can wager the game will end in a draw. The odds for each option are pre-determined by the iGaming operator and depend on different things. Keep in mind that some online bookmakers will change their odds once the match starts.

Asian Handicaps

The term Asian Handicap is used to describe all sorts of markets you might have access to once you start betting online. Even though not every bookmaker offers these options, the betting platforms available at Betenemy that have active licenses will usually provide at least a few versions.

One of the most popular versions of the Asian Handicap is the one where you can wager on a particular team or play in a hypothetical situation where it is losing by one goal or a certain number of points. In order to predict your bet, the team you’ve wagered on has to score more goals or points and win the match. Needless to say, the fact that the team/player is “losing” will have an effect on the odds, which should be higher than usual.

Total Goals 

This is one of the many markets that is popular among people who wager on football. Even though some iGaming sites include this option for other sports, it is usually found inside the football betting section. Total Goals is an option where punters have to guess the total number of goals scored by the two teams or place a bet in the Over/Under format.

The online bookmakers that offer the first version of this market usually provide lucrative odds because predicting the total number of goals is not easy, even for experienced punters. That’s one of the reasons why most of the popular online bookmakers available at Betenemy offer the Over/Under formation. Punters who choose this option have to wager on whether there will be over or under a specific number of goals in a match.


Since we are on the topic of goals, another popular option among football betting enthusiasts is called Goalscorer. As the name of this option suggests, it allows people to punt on the person who will finish the match as the top goalscorer or the player who will score the first goal in a game. The odds for this option are also attractive because predicting it is not as easy as it seems.

Number of corners

While it is true that the markets mentioned above are usually popular among football fans, they can also be used by people interested in other sports. Sadly, this is not the case when it comes down to the Number of corners because this is a classic option available to people interested in wagering on football. Even though this is not an option that you will find on every iGaming site, the operators available at Betenemy will make sure to give you access to it. In some cases, there might even be extra bonuses that you can only use while wagering on this market.

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