Online Gambling Transformations in 2021

Online Gambling

There is no doubt that technological advances in the 21st century play an important role in all industries including gambling, and this trend is expected to become even more popular the future. Gambling does not stop developing, new projects appear. Their main task is to satisfy the needs of modern players and allow them to relax in the most comfortable conditions. Some innovations have already been launched, such as replacing the most common online payment methods with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, some trends in online gambling will remain the same, such as traditional banking payment methods or increased user security by minimizing hacking and fraud. Let’s take a closer look at the most anticipated gambling transformations.

Live dealer games are becoming more popular

The main difference between Live Casino games and ordinary simulators is that in the first one there is a dealer and it is possible to see the gaming table. In other words, the player connects to the game, places bets and, if desired, uses the online chat to discuss the game process. Most often, the category of live games includes roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and other table and card games. In recent years, there has been a lot of interest from users in live casinos. Game manufacturers have reacted to this trend. Now there are more new products, more convenience, more unique features, and all this is already on the Shangri La online casino site.

Make money with your watch

The latest trend concerns the IoT development -internet of things – the concept of a data transmission network between physical objects (“things”) equipped with built-in technologies to interact with each other or with the external environment. With all the convenience of smartphones and tablets for players, the gambling industry pays attention to other online devices as well. Is it possible to place bets through smart watches? Yes and it is very simple! And many experts believe that this watch will soon be able to replace any other device. The smartwatch industry has already reached $ 20 billion in sales. So now there are fewer and fewer obstacles on the way to the world of gambling!

VR technologies in gambling

Virtual reality technologies are becoming more and more popular in the gambling. According to analysts’ forecasts, bets in VR games will reach $ 520 million by the end of 2021, showing an increase of 800%! Why is this type of entertainment so attractive to players and what opportunities does it open up? Nowadays, virtual and augmented reality technologies allow users to “visit” a gambling unit by simply putting on glasses with controllers and logging into the online platform. A trendy direction in the gambling industry is VR casinos, where users can sit at gambling tables and interact with other visitors to the casino.

It is already possible to play virtual reality games on the Shangri La website. This licensed casino features some of the most exciting new products in the industry. One of these novelties is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt from Evolution Gaming. The game combines live casino and slots as well as offers players the world’s first online virtual reality gambling show.

Holographic screens for more atmospheric sensation

Can you imagine in a few years’ time racing or playing poker on huge interactive holographic screens instead of your usual PCs or smartphones? If earlier all this was the lot of science fiction writers, now it has moved from the category of “Fantast” to the category of “Near future”.

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a modern person without a smartphone in the pocket, perhaps soon a wrist watch with a holographic projector will become an integral part of the same. And many experts agree that mobile holographic screens will be the perfect tool to empower online casinos in the future.

A future that has already become a reality

Experts believe that the next breakthrough in the gambling industry will be associated with the 5G Internet, the use of blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and the emergence of new types of mobile applications for players.

It is predicted that the gambling content quality will improve due to 5G networks, as well as the market generally growth due to mobile gambling. The technology is so advanced that enjoying roulette or poker directly on your phone is no longer a dream! With a good mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, you can try your luck against professional dealers who organize the gameplay literally in front of your eyes!

Shangri La is one of the leaders in the gambling business. They understand the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and technological advances. They have created an immersive mobile gambling platform that can be accessed either through your mobile device browser or through a dedicated mobile app that offers the same level of content as the main web version. It’s one of the best live casinos online in Canada. All you need is to go to the site and try it!

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