Modern Market Trends in the Agriculture Machinery

Modern Market Trends in the Agriculture Machinery

Global economic instability has led to the fact that governments from all over the world began to pay increased attention to food security. Naturally, there is a significant increase in demand for agricultural machinery, including tractors. Innovations that improve the reliability and usability of the machine are in trend. More about the topic — read further.

Market Trends of 2020-2021

Currently, there are two main trends in the market of agriculture machinery:

  • to improve fuel economy;
  • to automate tractor control systems.

At the same time, if in most countries modern automation systems were in demand, especially on powerful tractors, now they are also installed on medium and low power machines. Here is what Angelina Gorshkova, product manager for John Deere tractors in the CIS, says: “In recent years, the market development trend has changed — the demand for small and medium-sized tractors has increased, which is primarily associated with the development of the fruit and vegetable sector and the dairy business”.

So, the main requests today are simplicity and reliability: customers want to be sure that during the operation there will be no difficulties with the maintainability of the tractor, delivery of spare parts, or with the qualifications of the dealer’s service specialists. By the way, the Latest version of EDL adapter by John Deere will detect some expected breaks and help to perform the repair on time.

All manufacturers are moving towards “unmanned” and autonomous tractors, so their robotization is actively developing. Of course, the tractor does not yet have full autonomy, but most manufacturers seek to achieve such functionality that the operator in the cab performs a minimum of functions. Today, technologies are already making it possible: there is an autopilot, an auto-turn of the tractor in the field, etc.

Agrarian Requests

CNH Industrial representatives believe that when choosing new tractors, farmers pay their primary attention to the ability to work with the existing trailed equipment, reliability, versatility, and maintainability. Besides, the quality of the dealer’s service and the manufacturer’s support in after-sales service becomes an important factor. Customers calculate the total cost of ownership, in particular, fuel consumption, as well as the availability of modern options for precision farming.

Every farmer is looking for the optimal combination of reliability, economy, productivity, and price. Of course, everyone wants to get a tractor at the lowest cost: farmers have learned to calculate their expenditures and understand that the cost of fuel and lubricants and spare parts are no less important than the cost of the machine itself.

However, there is one more point that cannot be ignored — the reliability of the navigation system and the equipment of the tractor. It is no longer a question of the quality of equipment, but of the quality of operation: who will work with it and how what qualifications the machine operators will have, and more.

Are you involved in farming? Share your ideas about future trends in the agriculture machinery market in comments.

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