Marketing Strategies Dealerships Can Use to Acquire More Customers

Marketing Strategies Dealerships Can Use to Acquire More Customers

You’re probably doing everything you can to market your business–from creating Facebook ads to cold-calling potential customers. If you’re not seeing great results, why not try different tactics?

Your dealership’s success depends on how many people buy cars. And to get potential customers to buy, you have to be strategic with your marketing. Use these 3 marketing strategies to acquire more customers, sell more cars, and increase customer loyalty.

1. Try Video Advertising

90% of consumers say their buying decisions are directly affected by video advertising, so don’t ignore the marketing medium. Use videos in your paid ads and social media posts to capture the attention of potential customers and generate more business. 

When you create professional videos discussing new cars on the lot or your latest deals, you’ll stand out from the competition. Videos also make potential customers trust you. If they feel you’re authentic and trustworthy, they are more likely to check out your dealership or visit it. But make sure that all your marketing videos are shot by a professional.

2. Get Involved In Your Community

When you get involved in the community, locals engage with your brand. You can hold events like car shows, especially if you sell hypercars, specialty automobiles, or exotic cars. Showcase a few vehicles in the lot and invite local car owners to come with their unique rides. Many people who buy cars love cars, and a car show will connect you to your target audience.

If you sell everyday cars, you can hold other events. You can host a family picnic, a fall festival, a local holiday celebration, or even a bike safety expo. When you hold such an event, your community will most likely get featured on the news–and so will your dealership.

Make sure you provide a ton of branded merchandise and put up posters showcasing car images HD. Attendees will be constantly reminded about your business regularly by the t-shirts, drawstring bags, and cups in their homes. Make your car dealership a household name and boost sales.

3. Encourage Online Reviews to Build Trust

If you want customers to buy cars from you time and again, you have to make the car-buying experience seamless. The number one thing car buyers hate is salespeople breathing down their necks. That’s why they now buy cars online–no salespeople are involved! So, if you want customers to keep buying from you and spread the word about your business, make the car-buying experience stress-free. 

You can also give incentives to customers who leave good reviews about your dealership on Google and Yelp. Hundreds of 5-star reviews can improve your online and offline reputation. Customer experience has become an important metric in business because it results in high customer loyalty and customer retention. Ensure every customer who engages with your dealership has a great experience.

Your customers should feel that they are valued. They shouldn’t feel you’re taking advantage of them or trying to oversell your cars. When people know they can trust your dealership, selling cars will be a breeze. To increase your chances of getting positive reviews, email previous customers and request them to leave a review on the popular platforms. This will enhance your online reputation and more people will buy from you.

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