Man with a van Dublin – How to choose the right man with a van

Moving can be a stressful experience at the best of times between deciding when to move, packing, downsizing and choosing the best man with a van. Everything that has to be done becomes so time consuming and feels like it’s never going to end! The last thing you need is the worry about your belongings getting from one location to another or your items going missing/ damaged in transit. Choosing the right man with a van in Dublin can add to your headache. You are after all trusting strangers with your belongings, possibly paying them up front and there is currently quite a few man with a van companies to pick from. Spending some time deciding on the best moving company is very important, not something to leave till your just about to move!

So the moving date is set, everything is packed up ready to go and you are putting together your moving checklist, however have you stopped to choose the best man with a van for your needs? There are many companies or individuals providing man with a van services in Dublin willing to compete on price and eager to collect. So If you are quick at picking out a removal company and are encouraged by their competitive price, are you guaranteed that the move will go smoothly? A hasty decision could leave you disappointed with the removal services. A cheap quote maybe enticing, but can be too good to be true if there are damages to your belongings and there is no insurance cover!

So how do you pick a good man with a van removal company from a bad one. Here are some pointers to consider that will help you choose the right man with a van .

1. Online presence – The most frequent place to look for a removal company is on Google. So the first thing to look for is the companies online presence. Has the man with a van company got a professional website and or an established Facebook/ Instagram or Twitter profiles. If you are trusting a stranger with your belongings choosing a man with a van Dublin that takes their business seriously is important. Anyone can put up an online add in various service forums but that doesn’t mean they have a company or are serious about offering professional services. High quality websites and social media company profiles take a lot of time and financial investment so anyone that wants there business to be a success has put in the investment.

2. Choose quality over price – you have shopped around and feel like you have gotten the cheapest quote from a man with a van company but are you guaranteed a quality service?

The removal company needs to have insurance, pay petrol/diesel and Ideally will need at least two guys to load and unload. If you are given a cheap price check that the company isn’t cutting corners to do so.

3. Reviews – If the removal company you have chosen is an established business it should be easy to find company reviews online. Trustpilot reviews are genuine, verified reviews that can’t be faked so these reviews are the best to look out for. The man with a van company should be able to give you details of people you can contact that they have provided services for.

4. Insurance – The man with a van company needs to be insured. The insurance they have should cover the public, employees and your belongings. Ask for the companies insurance details, a proper business will not hesitate to give you them.

5. Payment – If a removal company wanting payment before a job is done this should be a red flag. Also check the man with a van will not have hidden or additional costs on the services they provide. If you are quoted a price that should be the price you pay. It would be best practice for the company to give you an Invoice stating the services they will provide and the overall cost so there is no surprises to the price when the job is complete.

So once you have secured the quote that best suits your needs and picked the best man with a van Dublin it’s time to put the transaction into writing. It’s advisable to email the company confirming you wish to proceed outlining the time, day and any special requirements you may have for the move. Ask the company to confirm in reply that they will be able to provide their moving services on that day etc. Make sure to also have the man with a van full contact details close by if you need to contact them for any reason on the day or after the move.

The most important thing is to spend a bit of time doing some research to pick the right man with a van so your move will go as smoothly as possible on the day.

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