How to Breathe New Life Into Your Stale Business Content

How to Breathe New Life Into Your Stale Business Content

Online content is a crucial part of your marketing campaign and can tip the scales toward business success. However, if your online content is lacking, it won’t reap the benefits you desire. Digital marketing strategies are constantly changing and improving, necessitating continuous adaptation. If you’re still using the same marketing methods you used five years ago, you’re already at a disadvantage.  

But it’s not all bad news! If your marketing efforts aren’t currently making the cut, there are approaches you can take to turn things around. From analyzing your keyword strategy to using current statistics, here are some innovative methods you can employ to revive stale content.

Analyze Your Keyword Strategy

Are you still using old and outdated keyword strategies? If so, that could be why your content is collecting dust in an unviewed corner of the internet. Your keyword strategy is a crucial factor in determining your content reach. That’s why you should analyze your SEO efforts and see if they’re still working for you. If not, it’s time to make some changes.  

Modern SEO is less about focusing on a few keywords and more about comprehensively covering topics across your domain. The idea is to become an authority on relevant topics so your audience trusts you over other sources of information. Predictive content is an exceptional tool to use when you want to create keyword-driven content that’s relevant to your audience. It is a SEO content analysis that can identify how to breathe new life into stale business content and increase revenue. Many businesses experience a high predictive content ROI that is well worth the investment.

Add Transcripts to Videos

If you include videos on your website and in your blog posts, it’s wise to add transcripts to them. This is because major search engines are still unable to properly decipher videos. Adding transcripts can help you revive stale content and achieve a higher rank for your site. This will make it easier for your audience to find and view your videos.

Transcripts take time to create, but the end results are worth the effort you exert. In addition to helping search engines understand your video content, transcripts also help you reach a wider audience. They are more accessible to viewers who are Deaf or hard of hearing. And they’re more appealing to those who like to watch videos without the sound on for privacy reasons.

Use Current Statistics

Using old statistics and information doesn’t help the credibility of your site at all. If your old content isn’t performing well, check your citations and make sure they’re current. As new technology and research emerge, they can quickly make your old sources irrelevant.

Ideally, you should only cite information and statistics that have been published within the last two years. This may not always be possible, but do your best to use the most current sources of information you can find. Updating citations is one of the quickest and easiest ways to breathe new life into stale and outdated content.  

Give Your Content a Human Touch

When consumers read your content, they should be able to visualize a person behind the keyboard. Too often, businesses adopt an impersonal and stiff content personality. But most people are drawn to professional content that’s friendly and relatable while still maintaining an authoritative tone.

Giving your content a human touch can boost your revenue and improve the efficacy of your calls to action. So how do you make your content more personable? You can start by building a profile of your target audience and writing content specific to that audience. Don’t be afraid to give your blog posts some personality. If your content is entertaining, pulls at people’s heartstrings, or brings value to others, it’s more likely to be shared.

Earn High-Quality Links

To boost the relevance and trustworthiness of your website, earn high-quality links whenever possible. When respected sources link back to your content, it helps establish your business as an authority in your industry. Search engines view each link back to your site as a positive “vote” for your site. This helps you improve your credibility and online ranking.

The best way to earn high-quality links is to create stellar content that other businesses want to link to. Make sure your content is well-researched and offers valuable information. In some cases, you may even want to conduct research on topics that aren’t well-covered online. Conducting your own research can make you the sole source of data on a topic. This, in turn, will significantly boost external links to your site.

Enable Commenting

If you’re looking for the easiest ways to keep your site fresh and engaging, consider enabling commenting. Visitor comments will automatically prevent your site from becoming stale by providing consistent content. Every time a visitor comments on your site, it increases the total word count of your page and adds relevant keywords.

Of course, when you enable comments on your site, you need to proactively moderate them. Spam comments will reduce your rank by diluting the quality of your site content. Use software to help identify spam comments and remove any comments that include links or generic statements.

Keeping your content fresh should be an essential aspect of your content marketing strategy. Stale content can quickly drive your search engine ranking downward and negatively impact your revenue. Use the tips above to bring stale content back to life and ensure your site is always relevant and engaging. 

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