How non-woven bags let your brand make an impact

The main objective of a business is to build a loyal customer base. To do that, it is essential to imbibe the latest practices. Not only this, along with product value creation, it is important for a brand to showcase their uniqueness and out of the box approach.
One of the biggest factors that many brands miss out on is the packaging of their products. In order to make a mark, a different and unique packaging needs to be incorporated. The bags that you offer your customers should strike a chord with them.
While many brands are still stuck with paper and plastic bags, this is the right time to make a move and switch to non-woven bags. These bags are made from polypropylene, which is an environment-friendly material. Not only this, Zedpack, a non-woven packaging company makes bags that are exactly in line with your vision of the brand’s identity.
Here are the factors why you should level up your bagging and packaging game with Zedpack’s non-woven bags.

The perfect way to grab new and loyal customers

A great packaging or a product handed out in a classy non-woven bag makes a huge impact on the customer. Giving customers something that they can confidently carry makes them feel associated with the brand. This generates a sense of trust and comfort. Thus, if your first-time customers feel good about the bags that you hand out, it is likely that they will return to your brand.

The right way to grab attention

With Zedpack, every bag stands out and lets your brand make a unique statement. A bag with your brand’s logo on it and the tagline that defines your vision, is enough to attract new eyeballs. Whenever your customers venture out with your bags in hand, you have multiple new potential customers looking at them.


The question as to how long do these bags last, often comes up. A very simple way of understanding their potential is comparing them with paper and plastic bags. While both of these varieties are known to tear down very easily and not bear heavy stuff, non-woven bags by Zedpack can easily carry heavy stuff and they last for a period of around 5 years.

Economically sound

The initial cost of a non-woven bag is a little higher than its counterparts but the durability makes them a much wiser, cheaper choice.

Customize and give them something to talk about

A bag that matches the identity of your products will certainly make a huge impact in your marketing campaigns. Get the right shape, size, color and everything else with Zedpack’s non-woven bags.
With all this and much more, non-woven bags make it easier for your brand to create its own identity in the market.

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