How Have Professional Cleaning Companies Helped During the COVID Pandemic

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As people protected themselves from Coronavirus by sheltering in place, the services of cleaners were in high demand to ensure that the rest of us could stay indoors. So it was really two different worlds for those indoors and those who were essential workers, also called frontline. And because cleaners were frontline workers, they stepped into the safety gap in hospitals, public spaces, and other essential service areas. 

This includes places like shops and supermarkets, and their service ensured the rest of the population could stay safe and get food at a time when everyone, including those same cleaners, were fearful of contracting the COVID19 as it rampaged across the UK. Many businesses and public areas required regular ductwork cleaning to help reduce the risk of COVID spreading via air ducts.

Professional cleaners still had to work despite the safety issues that came with their age, personal health issues, and family situations as the country still needed to function, albeit at a hobble. When hospitals were overwhelmed, cleaners still went in with PPE to keep areas clean and sanitised while removing waste. When supermarkets were running out of stock, cleaners kept everything sanitary and safe for shoppers to venture out. When people needed to leave their home for any reason, you best believe, a cleaner had made the way safe for them. 

No matter the circumstances, professional cleaners still carried on, fighting against the spread of the virus equipped with cleaning products, safety gear, disinfectants, and their industry experience, which made and continues to make a massive difference in limiting the viral spread. Cleaners still stand in the gap in these strange COVID times, ensuring the rest of us stay safe, healthy and well enough to enjoy life and our reclaimed freedom of movement. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, regular cleaning services and disinfecting became more crucial than ever. Of course, maintaining a clean environment has always been important, but now it’s a matter of freedom or confinement. Professional cleaners really don’t get enough credit for their contribution as cleaning is often seen as an ‘out of sight out of mind’ profession even though it’s essential to the basic running of society. 

Since the country has reopened, professional cleaning services still offer the best protection against the possibility of viral threats and Coronavirus spread and resurgence. In addition, cleaners still ensure we can stay healthy in our homes and further afield, enjoying a return to life as close as we knew it before. Amid this climate, it’s no wonder that now house cleaning and commercial venue cleaning is in higher demand than ever – no one wants to go back to lockdown or confinement. 

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Disinfection and cleaning are essential both at home and in any venue, shop or public space. If you want the help of a professional cleaning company, reach out to J&I cleaning services to discover how we keep you, your home, or your business safe and healthy. We offer a range of services depending on your requirements, so call us for more information on how we can look after you. 

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