How Business Are Adapting to the New Normal: Strategies to Stay Afloat Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

How Business Are Adapting to the New Normal

After the three months of the full surge of the coronavirus pandemic, every industry is trying to get back on their feet. Many businesses start to open again, operations are starting to be at full-force, and many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to keep their businesses afloat.

It is truly a challenging time for all business owners; however, no one stops doing and trying their best. And amazingly, these thriving business owners found creative and effective strategies to stay afloat. COVID-19 pandemic is a great challenge for many businesses, but they are still thriving and found ways to survive.

Back To Business As Usual No More

The “back to business as usual” is not the trend anymore. Now, the “new normal” is the new trend. Consumers and businesses are turning into a new page of adapting to the new normal activities. You cannot see mall-goers and shoppers flood an establishment, and businesses turn into new operating schedules.

Shorten operating schedules as there is a need to manage disinfection and sanitation every day. Shoppers are now vigilant and choose to visit shops with fewer shoppers or stay in the social distancing meter.

The food industries are showing resilience as well, transforming their operations through a contactless setup. For businesses that are new to technology-based services, they are now more open in highly utilizing ordering applications more than ever.

Different Business Coping Strategies

As many businesses start their operation amid the pandemic, many of them look for ways to regain their investment. Fortunately, there are many creative yet practical solutions to these problems. As others would like to say, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Here are the different coping strategies businesses are doing now.

Placing Everything Online

It seems that this will be the year where we will thank computers and technology more than ever. Everything is turning online, that even restaurants and other business establishments are jumping into the trend. With the limit of personal contact, shopping from goods to garments, ordering, and delivering food, even meetings are done virtually.

Not surprising, though, as these methods are already available even before the pandemic. The increase in users is inevitable, but what is surprising is the drastic increase in business turning into this alternative.

SEO Services Takes A Spotlight

Since many businesses are now using online platforms to reach, gain, and stay in contact with their customers, SEO services are getting the spotlight. If you were one of the businesses that delayed their decision to incorporate SEO service in the past, this is the right time for you to reconsider that idea.

Due to heightened and stringent implementation of stay at home and social distancing regulations, there is a spike of screen time usage. Not that it is new since everyone before the pandemic is on their phones, it is now getting much more attention and importance.

So, if you choose to place your business on the online platform, SEO can significantly help you. If you are a struggling startup business owner who wrongfully timed launching your business amid the pandemic, SEO can help you establish brand awareness.

This will aid you in generating income by reaching out to organic audiences. Remember, increase, and extensive brand awareness converts to income.

If you are a thriving business who wants to place their business on an online platform, SEO can help you as a local search is very crucial. When done right, SEO can aid you in increasing consumer attention by placing your business on the top of the local Google search. 

Think of it this way; your potential consumer is likely searching for a local vegan restaurant they want to pick-up order from, and it just so happens you boosted your SEO service. Therefore, you have increased your chance to be seen, hence increasing the chance of potential income.

Other Creative Strategies Businesses Do During Pandemic

Engaging Contest – This is a fairly fun way for small businesses to solve the slow phase of the business. The positive thing is they keep communicating with their customers. Excellent marketing to inform that they are visible and offer their services.

Delivery Services – Delivery services are not a new trend, but with limited contact, delivery services are getting an increase in attention. Not to mention the invention of different delivery apps that satisfies both the consumer and the business. InstaCart and Amazon are the best examples of businesses that are taking advantage of the situation.

Social Media Engagement – The goal during this pandemic is to keep your customer relationship secure and intact. This is why social media engagement plays a vital role in keeping them informed with your current trends, promos, and discounts. Communication with your customers is the key to keeping your business afloat during these tough times.


The pandemic has brought drastic changes to the world, hitting multiple industries at once. Business owners are faced with challenges in keeping their businesses afloat. However, even during tough times, there is always a ray of light and hope for positive changes. Many strategies are created and discovered, aiding businesses to thrive. And, SEO services get its spotlight as it significantly aids many businesses, both online and the ones who are new to the platform.

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