China Not approving video game licenses | See the complete story!

China is one of the largest gaming markets in the world. Recently, the news has come out that the authorities are holding off the issuing of gaming licenses for video games for at least 4 months. According to what media is saying this is happening due to President Xi Jinping’s recent shakeup by the government.
According to some unnamed media publishers, the officials are concerned over sex and violence display in these video games. They also mentioned that this issue is striking all the platforms including – console, online, and even mobile.
The agency that is responsible for granting gaming licenses, The National Radio and Television Administration along with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism that is responsible for laying down the game registration process) are tightening up the process of giving license after undergoing the personnel changes and restructuring that took place earlier this year.
This disrupts many gaming companies 
As per the media reports, this news impacts both the small and large companies. This news has affected the Chinese based multinational giant Tencent and even the fledgling developers. According to the reports coming out in the open, since this ban, Tencent has suffered a great profit loss. This has happened the first time that Tencent is in loss after a decade or so.
Shawn Yang, the executive director of Blue Lotus, a Hong Kong-based investment advisement firm said that this ban will not last for forever. This has halted the growth of the video game industry in the market.
The adult content and violence are not the only issues in the video gaming industry in China, it has also been claimed that the industry is being criticized for communicating non-socialist ideals. This is where the authorities have been forced to hold on to the issuing of the gaming licenses in the country.
Since the ban, the biggest game of the year, Fortnite has vanished from the web. No one is able to access this game momentarily.
Future of Gaming in China 
The media is yet uncertain about the future of the gaming industry. As per the recent reports, there are many concerning issues that have come forth the government regarding these video game industry. With a lot of unwelcoming content and criticism being promoted through such games, this industry is definitely suffering a hit.

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