Business Card Design Ideas for Small Business Owners in 2021

Business Cards

Yes, business cards are still important. And yes, they’re essential for small businesses too.

The retail side of most businesses may have shifted online, but it doesn’t mean traditional business practices have become obsolete. The right way is to update standard business practices by infusing them with the constantly evolving digital business practices. 

Traditional business practices say that business cards are important for any business to be taken seriously. The idea still applies today and if you’re a small business owner with only an online presence, then owning a business card for you is all the more important as it shows your commitment to your start-up. You may not even have a dedicated workspace, but you need to have a stack of business cards ready for you to hand as many from it to whoever you want to introduce your business to. 

Why are we stressing on the importance of business cards? You can observe and verify the answer yourself by counting the number of small businesses that pop up online every day and the duration it takes them to disappear. This emphasises the need of owning a business card for all entrepreneurs. This communicates that they’ve stepped in the business world to stay and for those who want to stand out. 

Since owning a business card is necessary (for the most part), considerations for what to put on a business card and what it should look like are also equally important. We understand that small business owners cannot spend getting business cards designed and printed every few months. This is why we have rounded up some ideas that are both trendy and classic at the same time. Getting the right design for your business cards will allow you to feel great while handing them out, today or even a couple of years down the line.  

Minimalist Business Cards

Minimalism is more than a design aesthetic; it’s a philosophy of life. It doesn’t matter if you don’t practice minimalism in your everyday life; you can still incorporate it into your business aesthetic by keeping things simple on your business card. As a small company with a minimalist business card, it will be an acknowledgement of your humble beginnings and a reminder for you to focus only on what’s important for your business. 

Translucent Business Cards

If you want to appear minimalistic but with a hint that there’s more, translucent business cards are the right fit for your business. With important text or design details in opaque and the right colour choices, they can make a statement and helps you stand out. Moreover, since translucent cards are made of plastic, which is resistant to water, these cards last longer on your shelf and in people’s wallets!

Recycled Paper Business Cards

Business cards made out of recycled paper communicate the values of your business without you using any words. If you want to stand out as an environmentally conscious small business owner, then choosing recycled paper for your business cards and other business stationery will prove the same. It will also gain you points among fellow minds in your customers.

Business Cards with Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are always in trend. They are also attractive in business cards as the human eye is naturally drawn to symmetry. They provide a lot of room to play with the designs, from simple lines and geometric shapes to complex futuristic designs and Moroccan geometric patterns. The choices are endless, and at least one of them can make your business card shine!

Holographic Business Cards

You can make your business card literally shine too! Holographic business cards may not work for every business, but they are a classic nonetheless. If you think holographic business cards suit your business but are a little too much, then you can choose to keep only one side holographic and the other either dark or light (block colour work best). You can tone down the holographic element even further by keeping it only on the edges. You can also choose to add a gradient for a seamless look. 

Whichever design idea you choose, make sure that you like it and that it suits your brand’s visual identity. You may be a small business now, but there is no limit to how big your business can grow in a few years or even a few months. It’s important to make an impression that keeps your organisation in people’s mind; and business cards can play a small role. Take your time in picking the right design and get a business card that you would want to use for a couple of years at least!

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