Americans not fond of Cryptocurrency | 41 percent Americans claim they will never invest in Cryptocurrency!

Yes! This is the news of the hour! 41 percent of American have said that they would never be interested in investing their money in cryptocurrencies. It seems like it is only a small fraction of America’s population that is actually finding this new cryptocurrency industry worthy of investment while the rest have actually shown no interest in it. These numbers came out after the June survey conducted by a cryptocurrency app, Gem alongside the analytics firm Harris Insights.
After taking the poll of around 2,000 adult American, the disturbing number 8 percent came out to be the people who invest in cryptocurrencies. When compared around 52 percent of Americans own stock.
This is not all, this was even more disturbing for the bitcoin believers that 41 percent of Americans who do not want to invest in cryptocurrencies swore that nothing can change their perception about this industry.
This survey was conducted in times when bitcoin has fallen after touching the value to $20,000 last December. As of Wednesday, the price of bitcoin was around $6,300. Nowadays, the governments have been continuously figuring out a way in which they could regulate the cryptocurrencies and other aspects of it.
The good news is that the US has actually put together the means to regulate the aspects of cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the US authorities have been busy regulating the cryptocurrencies the other crypto spheres lie in the state of uncertainty.

The survey on cryptocurrency!

Where one survey reveals that 41 percent of Americans have no intention of jumping in this industry, there, another survey reveals that people who earn more than $100,000 are also not interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. Also, in the same research, this was found that people who are on the low earning scale are much more interested in cryptocurrencies.
As per the research, younger people are more likely to invest in cryptocurrency than the rest also, there was one study that revealed the increase in the number of women participants in the cryptocurrency field.
This seems to be quite disturbing to find out that in America cryptocurrency is hanging around with a thread as more than 40 percent of the population in America seems to be least interested in the new developing cryptocurrency industry.

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