5 Tips to Increase Amazon Sales in 2021

sales on amazon

Amazon is a number-one e-commerce platform. It gives high visibility to your products. Not only your clients but also your competitors see you well. They keep changing their tactics and strategies to beat you. New players enter the platform. Selling on Amazon is a hard but rewarding game to play. 

You have some experience working with Amazon. Your listings look good on both desktop and mobile screens. They are informative, free from mistakes, and sound tempting. There are no discrepancies or typos there. The pictures of your products are bright, attractive, and diverse, and your reviews are positive and optimistic. Logistics and inventory are sorted out. Your product sells. But you want sales to increase.

We suggest you should follow several core rules to rocket your sales on Amazon. 

1. Do Not Stop Looking for Keywords

The search words buyers use are changing. If the ones you are using were right in the past, this does not mean they are the best choice now.

There is always a way to make your listings sound more attractive and, what is more important, keep them up-to-date. Keep looking for variations of your keywords, and pay attention to the long ones. If you see the opportunities you are missing, add them to your listing.

Try using special keyword tools to look for keyword opportunities.  If you are wondering how to get organic sales on Amazon, you need to make sure your product description and listing keywords address what your clients want in 2021.

2. Work on PPC Campaign 

If you found your unique niche, you might have been doing all right with organic sales only. But now, getting a better ranking is a matter of paid advertising.

Probably, you have already tried pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and benefited from it. There are ways for improvement there.

Keep tracking your campaigns and try to put money into searches that give more results and cost you less. You need to constantly monitor your campaign to optimize it. 

Today, to sell well on Amazon, you need to invest in PPC. At the same time, you need to analyze your ad-driven and organic sales separately to get a clear picture of both. You can use a special tool to do it.

3. Try Amazon Promotions

Promotions not only help you sell better because clients like to pay less.

When you offer deals and coupons to your clients, Amazon gives you better visibility. It ranks your product higher, which helps to increase sales. In other words, a client might buy your product not because of the reduced price but because the deal gives a chance to see you. 

It is crucial not to overdo special offers since clients get easily distracted with excessive price completion, and it might kill your profit. But a seasonal sale, for example, may help you to reduce your stock and decrease the amount you pay Amazon for storage.

4. Pull External Traffic 

You can attract clients from social media and channel them to your Amazon page.

It is hard to differentiate yourself from other sellers on Amazon. The listing structure is the same for everybody. Often, you compete with price only. You have very little chance to create a fairy tale story for your client and tell them something beautiful about yourself. Amazon is a perfect selling machine, and it will do all the logistic work for you if you want. But to connect to your clients, both current and future ones, you need to do it yourself. At the same time, communicating with your clientele through social media is a way to understand their needs better and adjust your vision accordingly.

Do not skip the possibility to use a landing page of a very basic website to tell your clients more about yourself. Give them a feel and inspiration through your Instagram or with the help of influencers and bloggers. 

Investing in advertising on Instagram may be an alternative way to get attention avoiding the competition on Amazon. You can also offer promo codes to your followers on social media to make them see your products only on Amazon if they use them. 

5. Monitor Your Competitor Moves

You need to monitor the prices and promotions in your category. You can use a tool to compare prices and adjust what you charge. But prices are only the icing on the cake. New products in your category, coupons and promo codes, the reviews competitors get (both positive and negative) ­ this all provides you with the necessary information and incentives to change your tactics. 

You also need to guard yourself against competitor’s attacks.

To make your business with Amazon a success, you need to make it a priority and invest your time and effort in keeping it up-to-date with constant change. If you are aiming for a long-term result, when being a busy bee selling and making a profit, do not overlook the goal of building your reputation and audience up.

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