5 Smartphone Brands That Have Aced Their Marketing Strategies Over the Year

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Promoting a versatile smartphone comes with a ton of technique and strategy. Brands need to understand the customers purchasing conduct and settlement on which kind of need they are attempting to satisfy. Here is a rundown of brands who have been acing their promotion game in the smartphone business.

1. Apple

A brand that centers significantly around featuring the most recent innovations which one can discover in their smartphone. Renowned for their camera quality, they feature the high goals achieved and showcased in the smartphone. The organization consistently attempts to advertise why its image quality is superior to the others even though its value range is very high.

Apple has a few competitive marketing benefits over the other brands

  • Superior innovation items – MacBook and I watch are pioneers in their market space due to the OS and the innovation utilized.
  • Brand value – Apple has consistently taken the best position for its image value and has a clique following for ages.
  • Revenue after some time – Apple has abundant resources because of its high-value points.
  • R&D – A significant upper hand of Apple is the sum it spends on R&D to have its eyes on the future instead of on the present.

In the marketing methodology of Apple, it has three target groups

  • One is the music darlings who are focused on by the Apple iPod and iTunes.
  • Another focus is on the experts or even young people who await updates and versions of the Apple iPhone, Tablets, MacBook, and other such devices which can be utilized by anybody.
  • And third is the group that can utilize their different items and administrations like Apple TV and Apple watch. They additionally use iBooks, Apple pays, and so on.

2. Samsung

Samsung smartphones are in a value range that is moderate to all. Accordingly, they become available to everybody and have become a name among customers. Their promotions strike a human and feature harmony that sets up a solid association between the buyers and the brand’s fundamental beliefs. The organization additionally places in the center as far as print promoting instead of Apple that favors moderation in their image correspondence.

The primary choice in the Samsung advertising system was to foster new cutthroat and special techniques. Mr. Yun started another cutthroat strategy determined to create and promote predominant items while additionally constructing a picture of Samsung as a polished, great brand deserving of at an exceptional cost. The goal was to set up a position utilizing specialized development while planning more appeal to the youth and upscale clients throughout the planet.

Samsung decided to put large sums of money in advancement and R&D. To enjoy the great benefits driven by it, Samsung turned into a pioneer in growing innovation with their all-new advanced cameras and foldable phones.

3. One Plus

This brand centers significantly around the client experience and makes a buzz among the crowd. The organization bets on influencer advertising and makes publicity among the customers via web-based media. Therefore, it centers less on the customary strategies for advertising.

OnePlus advertisers utilize the Lean Startup Methodology (Build > Measure > Learn). This sort of approach permits the mission to adjust to the market. It includes fast execution, assessment, and change. They used simple modern promotional strategies that saved costs so they would not be added to the final price of the smartphone thus making it affordable.

They used the following strategies to induce consumer purchases

  • Invite System- for the reveal that mystified the smartphone making people urge more to buy the smartphones
  • Influencer Marketing- using social media platforms to promote the product  
  • Tie-up with Amazon, Ola, and Air Asia- collaborations with well-known platforms to boost credibility  
  • Unboxing Ceremony- to entice the awaited arrival of the smartphone
  • Celebrity Endorsement- Big B advertised the phone launch in India
  • #NeverSettle- catchy brand caption

4. Xiaomi

This organization as well, centered around building up a shortage in advancing its items. Their blaze deals made a desire to move quickly, and it likewise joined forces with renowned organizations like Flipkart to contact a bigger crowd. While their commercials advance the utility of a Xiaomi smartphone, the brand dispatches fresh products and often adjusts to changing customer needs over the long run.

  • Quality items at low costs

Views on Chinese brands and products were that they were of bad quality. However, Xiaomi changes this fad by giving great items at affordable costs.

  • Understanding the interest of clients

Indians required cell phones as the internet was growing more than ever, and Xiaomi exploited this by dispatching items as indicated by the necessities of smartphone clients. Xiaomi continued focusing on the long battery life and execution that Indians required the most.

  • Right item at the ideal time

Xiaomi continued dispatching new items with new highlights yet kept the value range as low as could be expected and made the clients change their smartphones all the more often than they used to do it.

  • Partnering with well-known platforms

Advertisers of Xiaomi picked the biggest online stage. 

For example, Flipkart and Amazon ensuring that their items reach the most extreme number of smartphone lovers.

  • Creating a circumstance of scarcity

The flash sale deals created a feeling of shortage every time, and such marketing gimmicks intrigued clients about the item that added to the desire of purchasing the smartphone.

5. Google Pixel

Google Pixel’s advertising endeavors line up with their strong convictions of the product. In imparting what they have to bring to the table well beyond the host of administrations they offer now, the brand unquestionably achieved something similar in their showcasing and publicizing promotions. With simple plans and a contemporary strategy, the Google pixel promoted itself to be a great quality gadget.

The simple promotional strategies that focused on influencer marketing was as follows 

  • Google enrolled 51 Instagram influencers, 14 of which were full-scale influencers with an excess of 100,000 followers and 35 of which were small-scale influencers with under 100,000 followers.
  • The influencers made an aggregate of 61 supported posts featuring Google Assistant and the smartphone’s photography potential.
  • The influencers utilized the tag @madebygoogle and hashtag #teampixel in their posts.
  • To date, Google’s Instagram influencer charade for the Pixel 2 has collected more than 348,000 likes, 3,900 comments, and a traction pace of 7.8%.


To most purchasers, smartphones come as an approach to show their economic wellbeing while many, purchase mobiles exclusively to satisfy their requirement for communication. Wrestling between these two lines of thought, smartphone brands have unquestionably utilized strategies that focus on the specialty or niche they are attempting to sell their smartphones to.

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