13 Movies and TV Shows Every Social Media Marketer Should Pay Close Attention

13 Movies and TV Shows Every Social Media Marketer Should Pay Close Attention

Social media is so strongly intertwined with our lives, that today movies and TV shows are dedicated to them. In some titles, the topic of social media isn’t the main accent but still remains a red line through the plot. In some movies you can find really useful ideas, great inspiration or just relax after a hard-working day.

So, dear reader and marketer, set aside your planners, rely on cheap methods to buy likes in order to increase 50 or more hearts on your Instagram posts. Also, pour yourself a cup of tea, and get ready for some relaxation! Here are 13 titles that will inspire you to work and entertain you

Emily In Paris

Beautiful and talented Lily Collins starring in a series of her own production. The story tells us of a young girl who is an SMM in the USA. She is relocated to Paris for work, to promote a new strategy in a local agency. As she moves to the ancient romantic city, she eventually decides to change her life. And her game-changing decision is to begin an Instagram blog about her life in the famous Paris. Wit, romance, and fashion will give you Sex and The City vibe, and the heroine will inspire you as she discovers the true power of influencer marketing to get more likes.


The story about how being genuine and direct can get you places. Carl is a successful chef in a good restaurant, and things go relatively well until he insults a food critic and blogger on his Twitter. Carl loses his job, but his ex-wife offers him to regain Instagram’s popularity of likes and influence with the help of a food truck. Twitter comes to assist in promotion and connection with potential clients. As the plot goes, Carl gets the opportunity to gain new friends, enhance his relationship with his son and grow over himself. Jon Favreau as Carl demonstrates his various talents, being a director and screenwriter of the movie as well.

The Social Network

Probably this is the most popular movie about social media. This film is an Oscar-winning biopic about the creator of big and mighty Facebook. The story takes us through the life of Mark Zuckerberg, who is portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg. The actor was nominated to a Golden Globe and Oscar for this part. Critics consider this movie wonderful, it was praised a lot in the media. However, real Mark Zuckerberg isn’t happy with his film biography. He claims that the plot is not accurate. Despite this fact, the movie is definitely a must-see.

Eighth Grade

Being a teenager is extremely hard these days when social media are a huge part of life. Kayla is studying in the eighth grade and runs a channel on YouTube about improving self-esteem and confidence. In real life, though, Kayla cannot successfully implement her ideas in her life. Struggling for her place in the school social hierarchy, Kayla becomes obsessed with her online success and likes. The debut film of director and screenwriter Bo Burnham takes us to the world of modern teenagers, whose life is affected by social platforms a lot, but who still have to face the same old problems.


Another high school comedy film, released on Netflix in 2017. The story tells us about young girl Dani, who is a typical girl next door. She does well in school, dreams of getting in U.S. Davis and becoming a veterinarian. However, when the local “Regina George” befriends Dani on social media such as Instagram, she takes a pass from her goals and enjoys the attention and likes. Is her new friend Alexa to be trusted and what will happen – see in this high school comedy with the vibe of famous Mean Girls? Don’t expect too much from this genre, but you can have a wonderful evening of chill with popcorn.

#chicagogirl – – The Social Network Takes On A Dictator

In a quiet suburb near Chicago, an American teenager starts her mission. She is aimed to help the Syrian revolution. On social media, #chicagogirl is revealing the horrors and atrocities of the Syrian regime. Ala’a is only nineteen years old, but she is full of desire to help her people back in Syria to fight dictatorship, both with the power of weapon and word. Everyone has to make a choice.

This award-winning film illustrates how social media becomes the voice of suppressed people, and how publicity can change the fates of many.


Lightweight comedy about the twist of fate and the place of social media in your daily life. The protagonist named Phil is living through the screen of his smartphone. He neglects real-life relationships, and after work, dwells in his apartment, posting fake photos about his life. Although his colleagues are showing their concerns, Phil continues his lifestyle. But one day, he tragically breaks his phone and has to buy a new one. That’s when he meets Jexi, an experimental voice assistant who takes over Phil’s life. Conclusion – always read the user’s agreement before accepting it!


Fresh movie with an adventurous and rebellious spirit. In the center of the story are two people, Arielle and Dean, who desperately want to change their lives. Dean was once in prison for robbery and has to live with his abusive father. Arielle is also obsessed with social media.

As the plot goes on, the couple starts a life similar to the story of Bonnie and Clyde, which they post on social networks to a wide audience to get likes. Arielle streams their crimes, and eventually, her account holds an audience of five million people. She is reluctant to stop streaming, although she and Dean are in danger of being caught. How it ends – see yourself. But remember that fame can be toxic.

The Circle

Brilliant drama starring talents of Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and Karen Gillan. The spectators witness the story of call center intern, Mae Holland (Watson) who gets the opportunity for a job in a powerful social media company – The Circle. She quickly grows professionally and becomes involved in the development of a new system, called SeeChange.

This system is to become a service that provides high-quality video through small cameras that can be placed anywhere. Mae is involved in the process of testing this program, and eventually, she gives her family and friends unwanted attention.

Although her peers are against it, Mae continues to insist on complete transparency, presenting the possibilities of the program – it can find anyone on the planet within ten minutes, making it huge assistance in capturing felons. Mae demonstrates the location of a child murderer within 10 minutes. The following twist of the plot we shall not uncover so that you have food for thoughts.


This is a dramatic movie that is targeted to explain the phenomena of social media popularity. We can see three days from the life of a social media fitness celebrity. She is a respected and popular motivator, surrounded by an army of fans and loyal employees, tons of likes. However, the girl struggles for intimacy. The heroine, Sylvia, is showing us that social network popularity has two sides:

  • Easy and dynamic growth, providing wealth and fame
  • Endless routine and anxiety for each statistic jump.

The movie was supposed to be released in 2020, but due to the pandemic, the premiere for a wide audience is set in May 2021.

The Hater

Another Polish movie that is highly appreciated by critics. Tomasz Giemza is obsessed with the successful and popular Krasucki family. He is a disgraced law student, who manages to get a job in public relations. He uses his position to spread Instagram fake news and hatred. His target – social media influencers, celebrities, politicians, and Tomasz is merciless. With his rising power, he begins stalking the members of the Krasucki family, turning their lives into a nightmare.

Smosh: The Movie

Sci-fi comedy about adventures of two famous YouTubers who are commonly known as Smosh duo. Two friends, Anthony and Ian, are venturing to youtube headquarters to prevent Anthony’s failure video from going viral. As they talk with the impersonation of YT authorities, Steve Youtube, they discover that the only way to complete their quest is to literally enter the world of a famous social network for likes. The guys decide to take their chances.


Kurt is obsessed with becoming a social media celebrity. He is jealous because earlier he used to babysit a local social network star, Bobby, who now has all the fame and money. Eventually, Kurt has an idea – he creates a rideshare app Spree, puts a tiny camera in his car, and films his show “The Lesson” where he is teaching his passengers how to become a star. Desperate to gain likes, Kurts kills his passengers using poisoned water in his car. Later on, the situation escalates.

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