Here’s why Annup Sonii had to opt out of Abhishek Chaubey’s Son Chiriya !

Actor Annup Sonii has for long been anchoring the reality-based television show, Crime Patrol on television, and because of his busy schedule, he couldn’t take up any other project because of the hectic shoot schedule, including Abhishek Chaubey’s Son Chiriya featuring Sushant Singh Rajput and Bhumi Pednekar.
“I lost out on Son Chiriya. They wanted a certain look from me, but because of my show, which required me to be clean-shaven, I couldn’t do it. They needed me to grow a beard of 30 days, which wasn’t possible,” informs Annup.

So, after his contract with the show ended, Annup decided to get back to cinema. “I want to send across this message to everyone in the industry, that I am available for films! Eight years is a long gap, and I lost touch with many filmmakers. I couldn’t forge relationships with the new ones. My last film was in 2008, (Yeh Hausla, directed by Nagesh Kukunoor), and it never released. It was a wellmade film, shot in Rajasthan. I did two-three films after that, but then I got this show,” he says.
Back on track, Annup will soon start shooting for Prasthaanam, starring Sanjay Dutt. He reveals that he has a pivotal role in it.
“The film is about relationships. Me, Sanjay and more characters are part of one family, and my character goes through some kind of incident, which changes the whole story,” he adds.

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