Divya Dutta's heart warming letter to Sonali Bendre

After Sonali Bendre released an official statement of she being diagnosed with a high grade cancer, wishes and prayers have been pouring in from all quarters.
Bollywood actress Divya Dutta penned down a heart warming letter for Sonali where she shares all the beautiful experiences of having known Sonali all through the years and how Sonali Bendre has always come up as someone with immense strength and will power.
“As we got to know each other I realised how simple she was. Simple yet very confident. A winner all the way, and she knew that.” Recalls Divya
“When we sat together we would discuss our experiences in the industry. We both came from protective backgrounds but I was vulnerable and apprehensive but she was clear and confident and a fighter. She inspired me.”
Dutta who shares a very special bond with Sonali is indeed heartbroken to hear to the news. She further writes  “When we are busy with the everyday bhag-daud, one fine day a health scare, just stops it all. I am shocked, a healthy happy Sonali is detected with Cancer. Life is so unpredictable, one doesn’t know what tomorrow holds but one thing I know for sure- this lovely girl will come out of it emerging a winner. She will fight this battle too strongly, like all her previous ones. She will win it with a smile”.
After the letter was posted on twitter, Sonali responded saying, “ Divya! Tum ne toh rula diya ! Love you! Thank you.”

With Divya, all of us wish Sonali a speedy recovery.

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