BOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES: Before and after cosmetic surgery

With advancement of science and research, there a number of options available for us to look more glamorous with the help of cosmetic surgeries. We are not talking of general makeup but real life and permanent alterations in body parts, especially upper portion like nose, lips, ears, chin, etc., known as cosmetic surgery. Nowadays many Bollywood celebrities have been seen indulging in cosmetic surgeries for getting more promising look to match up with present industry demand. We, as spectators only see the frivolous part of film industry, but there are many flip side of it also that we are unaware of. Cosmetic surgery is one of them which have become a common trend and customary among Bollywood celebrities and have been extensively accepted throughout the globe.
Aishwarya Rai

This former Miss World is also considered as the most beautiful women in the universe. But, with the recent cosmetic surgery applied by her has made her look very different than before, when she had first started her career in Bollywood as an actor. The surgeries even had few controversial effects on her looks, nonetheless, we cannot stop admiring her beauty.
Shilpa Shetty

This Indian actress and winner of Big Brother, is also one of the most famous international celebrity while being happily married to a renowned businessman. Even in late forty’s, she has been wonderful in maintaining her toned body. The only help she had to take is getting herself done with cosmetic surgery in nose. After surgery, her sharp nose balances her toned body and other features perfectly.
Aditi Rao Hydari

She is another popular Bollywood actress who have worked in many big banner films. She also went for a nose surgery to make them look more thinner and straight.
Katrina Kaif

Yet another famous celebrity of Bollywood industry who had been under speculation of attending various plastic surgeries which she had never admitted in public. However, one can easily find out the difference in her looks and over-all shift in her appearance as compared to earlier years. The most remarkable feature that reflects changes are in her nose, lips and check portions.
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is also called as a ‘Queen of Controversy’ in Bollywood industry. She had also taken help of cosmetic surgery to make her lips look fuller than before. However, she fails to admit it and says that it was a result of some sort of reaction to shellfish.
Preity Zinta

This cute and bubbly actress who have won many hearts is a leading instance of Botox treatment and how she carries the same with charm. The surgery has made her look even prettier than before and she remains in the heart of people with her dimples and smile.
Vaani Kapoor

This shuddh desi girl has caught everyone’s eyes after making a remarkable change in her appearance before the release of Befikre (2016). She had undergone with many surgeries in her face structure including lips, chin and nose. But, the entire changes had somehow lost simple and natural look of her according to the audiences.
Anushka Sharma

Lastly, this actress who have been under lot of controversies about pouting lips, had been a reason for concern among her fan followings. She had been graceful enough for admitting the reason behind the changes and that she had to undertake a surgery for getting the desired look. Nevertheless, she looks even prettier and also holds a successful position in Bollywood industry.

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