Young debutant Aayush Sharma‘s social media updates are quite the rage on the internet. But of all that he posts online, its his posts and tweets with his son Ahil that are sure to go viral. Aayush is a private person and reserves his affection for the private moments he has with his son. But, at times we are guessing its too hard to resist.
Be it the video that Arpita sent him from the U.S that made him leave everything and rush to have Ahil in his arms, or the absolutely cute twining photos he has been posting from New York, it’s quite clear that the two are inseparable when together. When you ask Aayush about Ahil a big smile lights up his handsome face.
Says the proud daddy, “Its unreal. Ahil is such a blessing. I don’t consider Ahil as a son but more as a friend. He really is an amazing baby and touch-wood a very happy baby. I don’t feel like a father because I don’t really have to parent him. I am the good cop in the family. I only spoil him. Since he has come into our lives everything has changed for the good. He has been very lucky for us. I am a young father, I feel Ahil and I are both growing up together.”  

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