Why web hosting is important for your website and the user experience

importance of webhosting

Each website is designed in such a way that visitors have to be attracted to it and return to visit. There are plenty of important elements and features which influence the user experience.

And user experience is very important. It improves traffic, increases site usability, gains credibility, enhances customer engagement, and improves SEO.

Having an increasingly better user experience has to do with many components of the website itself. And while web design and SEO are the most common things to learn, at least of the same importance is the technical part of the site, like the web hosting.

The web hosting service is one of the types of Internet hosting service. This helps web owners to make the site visible via the World Wide Web. When it comes to web hosts, they are companies which provide space on a server either owned or leased for use.

There are many reasons why a good web hosting is important and one of the most important investments to make when considering a website. Great speed, reliable security, marketing, backup, support, or even the effects on the SEO rankings are enough reasons to be careful regarding the web hosting.

We know, for example, why the number of Instagram followers is important and how to increase that number, so here is here are the reasons why web hosting is so important in the user experience:


Speed matters. Well, it does. And when it comes to websites, it’s almost vital. Google has the same opinion as most of us: Waiting isn’t something you would wish for, especially when browsing a website or using an app.

Just a few seconds of speed up result in significantly increasing page views and thus the revenue, but also helps a lot reducing hardware costs.

There are different types of hosting, the most important being cloud hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting. Speaking of cloud hosting, in agreement with Fastcomet review the speed provided by their services is amazing. It has no limits on the bandwidth and faster load times.

Loading time is essential. A website may lose almost half of its visitors if the page doesn’t load in 3 to 4 seconds. A good web hosting is a starting point for a fast website with speedy loading. Bottom line, in terms of user experience speed is very important.


A trusty web host ensures that the antivirus and firewall will work just fine for the website to resist the attacks of hackers. Otherwise, Google may penalize websites with poor security, thus the SEO ranking can decrease.

Web hosting translates to a secure IP address and enabling HTTPS on the website, helping to protect sensitive information, and improving site security. HTTPS itself is a protocol where the encrypted HTTP data is transferred over a secure connection. This means that the information passing through the website is encrypted automatically, thus making it almost impossible for hackers to access sensitive information.

Another aspect of security is website backups. These must be done frequently, so all the information is kept if anything happens to go wrong. This is also done by the web hosting service. After a potential attack or any other problem, issue, or security breach, all the data can be restored using the backed up files.

A good web host will ensure support if something goes wrong with your website, including information and data loss. Also, it helps preventing disruptions and downtime, by having its own technical support and tools to use if something is disrupted.


For a business which relies a lot on the website, the marketing part of it is of the uttermost importance. No business will be good with its website functioning anything else than optimal.

Also, customers are attracted to modern and efficient websites, and their attention is very short when it comes to laziness. A good first impression is the first step to a long lasting one.

And taking care of the website results not just in security, speed, and a good maintenance, which keep the site up, but also in improving the search engine rankings and the SEO.


Web host services ensure hosting your website anywhere in the world, but the best is to keep the IP in the same country it operates. This is because Google puts a high value on it, and SEO rankings are also influenced based on this aspect.

Keeping the websites’ IP in the same country where it operates helps another key factor, which is the optimal loading speed. The reason is simple: having the servers in the same country as the customers makes the data travel a shorter distance from the server to the personal browsers, and this translates in increasing page loading speed.

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