Why Have Direct Funerals Become So Popular in 2021?

Why Have Direct Funerals Become So Popular in 2021

Direct funerals have become more popular around the United Kingdom over the last few years due to the ease, accessibility, and affordability that they provide. Many people favour those left behind to celebrate their life over a funeral service focused solely on their passing. If you personally do not have strong feelings or religious requirements for your body after you pass, a direct funeral may be worth consideration. 

Many people are still unsure about what a direct funeral is and what they entail. We hope to help foster understanding and help people decide if it is an option. 

There Is Still The Choice of Burial or Cremation

As with any other funeral, there is a choice between a burial or cremation. 

Both are carried out in low-cost ways while only utilising elements essential by law. 

Direct Funerals Are Straightforward

A direct funeral is straightforward as it is often conducted within days following the passing of a loved one with the deceased interred or cremated without a service or mourners. Neither option requires mourners or a service. Often loved ones gather on another day or time to celebrate the person who has passed instead of marking their death.

Direct Funerals Are Low Cost

Direct funerals are an affordable option as they cut out the expensive caskets and other funeral arrangements, including the service, all of which can be costly. There will also be no embalming as the deceased will be buried or cremated directly. However, a direct burial has more costs involved than a direct cremation, such as the plot of land where the body will be interred as with any other, and perhaps a funeral director fee for the necessary arrangements.

Direct Funerals Are No Fuss or Frills

Many people now don’t want a fuss made when they pass on, thus opting for a “no frills” funeral. This lack of ceremony may suit their last wishes best and also spares the loved ones they have left behind the stress and suffering of a funeral procession or service, which can be upsetting. Aside from the cost, some people don’t want their loved ones to endure stress to lay them to rest. By not holding a funeral service, family and friends can gather later to commemorate the life lived, rather than being confronted with the death of their loved one. 

Newrest Funerals

We always seek a compassionate approach to all of our funerals. A direct funeral’s faster and low-cost nature does not change our careful and considerate approach. We always endeavour to support the deceased’s last wishes while supporting their family to say farewell. 

The compassionate team at Newrest Funerals arrange all aspects of direct funerals if that is the path chosen, including ensuring the deceased is treated with the utmost dignity and consideration. To learn more about how we can support you and your family, reach out to our professional funeral directors – we are reachable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

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