What’s the Right Wiper Blade Size for 2007 Honda Civic?

Wiper Blade Size for 2007 Honda Civic

Replacing your 2007 Honda Civic wiper blades isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s one of the easiest purchases and installation tasks in your vehicle’s regular maintenance routine. But that doesn’t mean you can take your wiper blades for granted. You must choose the proper size blades, but you also need ones delivering performance and quality that best meets your needs. The first part is easy – your Civic requires a 28-inch blade on the driver’s side and a 24-inch blade on the passenger wiper arm. Selecting the best style for your vehicle can also be simple when you follow the helpful tips in this handy guide.

How Often Should You Change Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades often take a lot of abuse. From burning summer sun and frigid ice, harsh weather can eventually cause them to wear out. Car care experts estimate that most drivers should change their wiper blades every six to 12 months. Your mileage may vary, however, and you’ll want to watch for some telltale signs that you’ll need to replace them:

  • Chattering, squeaking or squealing wipers
  • Stiff, cracked, faded or torn rubber edges
  • Streaks, ice, snow or debris left on the windshield
  • Rust or corrosion on metal frames

If you’re like a lot of drivers, you want to maximize the useful lifespan of your blades – including how to protect windshield wipers in the winter. Contrary to popular belief, putting your wiper arms up overnight does not help. This can actually damage the arm springs by stretching them out until they can’t provide enough tension to press the blade firmly against your windshield. Moreover, they can crack the glass if they unexpectedly slam down on it. Try covering your blades with plastic instead or use a deicer. Washer fluid with deicer compounds can also help remove frost more quickly.

Why Should You Replace Your Worn Wiper Blades

It doesn’t make sense to keep driving around with worn wiper blades. There are the obvious reasons – lack of proper visibility and increased risk of collisions, for one. But they can also damage your windshield, namely with exposed metal frames that can scratch the glass.

Most auto parts retailers carry three kinds of Honda Civic wiper blades: conventional, beam or hybrid. Conventional wiper blades use a rubber squeegee hooked to a metal frame with pivot points. Beam blades use a solid rubber piece that’s aerodynamically curved, with no exposed metal that can rust or get clogged with ice or snow. Hybrid styles blend a curved rubber shell with a metal frame, offering similar cleaning power to beam blades but at a lower price.

Considering Your Driving Needs

Every driver requires unique qualities and performance from windshield wiper blades. Some need exceptional durability during freezing snow or icy conditions. Others drive during heavy rains or extreme heat. Regardless of how and where you drive, there’s a wiper blade on the market for you. Shopping at a reputable auto parts dealer gets you access to high-quality products and expertise to help you choose the best wiper blades for your 2007 Honda Civic.

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