What Do I Want For Christmas: Dailyhawker's Guide To Your Christmas Wish list

What Do I Want For Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving and spreading joy everywhere. However, gifting stuff to yourself is also a good idea sometimes. If you have been wondering ‘what do I want for Christmas’ , this post is going to give you enough options to satisfy your curiosity.

Here are some of them:


Chocolates are one of the most loved food items on the planet; they are equally loved by kids, teens, adults. Chocolates are also one of the most presented gifts for many occasions. They come in a lot of varieties with different ingredients like coconut, caramel, dry fruits, milk, sugar and more. There are also different types of chocolates like dark chocolate, white chocolate, and more. Ensure that you select a good chocolate box with different varieties of chocolates. Some chocolatiers sell boxes with upto 36 different types of chocolates in it. If you are wondering ‘what do I want for Christmas’, perhaps it’s the decadent taste of premium chocolates. A good taste of chocolate could be the one for What do I want for Christmas.


When it comes to Christmas fashion or winter fashion in general, jackets are the most stylish option available in the market. The temperatures in The United States are 67.4°F in Hawaii to 2.6°F in Alaska. Even if you take the highest 67.4°F of Hawaii, you would require a Jacket or other similar garments to make you warm. Getting a new jacket for you and your family might be required for you in the winter. Depending on the area you live in, you can buy a variety of different jackets. You can choose jackets based on wind and water resistance, weight and style. A jacket during this time of the year is a great answer to the question of ‘what do I need for Christmas’. 


If you like to go shopping or get a new pair of shoes, then it’s time for you to do a start. With Christmas, you would be getting a lot of new presents and you would be buying a lot of new stuff adding a pair of new shoes to it would look great overall. Getting a new pair of shoes is a great answer to your ‘what do I want for christmas’ question. There are a lot of websites and e-stores which have a fabulous collection of shoes and great rates and discounts during the Holiday season. You can browse the catalogs of the online stores and save them in the wish list and buy them when discounts are available. The winter collection of shoe companies is usually fantastic. 


Getting a Dog or Cat could be a nice idea for many animal lovers or people who feel lonely and like to have a company. If you fall in any of those categories, a pet would be a great answer to your ‘what do I want for Christmas’ question. Most popular pets in the world are dogs, and cats occupy followed by fish, small mammals, birds, and reptiles. Large pets such as big exotic dog breeds (Leonbergers, Huskies, St. Bernards, Kangals etc.) will be an extremely expensive option. Getting large pets especially dogs could be a lot expensive which differs from breed and age of the animal. However, once opinion may vary and also you should be comfortable with pets and their maintenance. As per a recent census, the United States of America has more pets than children.

Fitness Band

The new year isn’t usually far away from Christmas time. So the question ‘what do I want for Christmas’ can also be answered with some gifts for the new year. Most people resolve to join a gym and start a fitness journey in a new year. If you are planning the same, then getting a fitness activity tracker would help you to accomplish this task. Fitness trackers come in different shapes, sizes and designs. You can choose them based on your requirements and budget. 

Fitbit is one of the earliest fitness tracker developers, and they have plenty of models to suit almost everyone’s requirements. Both Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Charge 2 have many similarities like steps; distance traveled, sleep tracker, notifications, GPS, reminders to move, the long battery life of 5 days and a few more. Where both of them differs are Fitbit Alta is slimmer than Fitbit Charge 2 which is also a slim model, this size variation is due to the lack of heart rate sensor in Fitbit Alta. So thereby you can select a fitness activity tracker to help you stay fit. 

Video Streaming service subscription

The days of going to a DVD rental store are long gone. This is a new generation of On-Demand Movie Subscriptions. Netflix and the internet have changed the way people watch TV and Movies. There is nothing better than enjoying this holiday season with your loved ones by watching a new movie or a TV show. Perhaps subscribing to services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu etc. will be the answer to your ‘what do I want for christmas’ question. Out of the three services, the Amazon Prime subscription definitely gives you more bang for your buck. It comes with Amazon Video, free shipping of your Amazon deliveries, music subscription, unlimited books, and photo storage. 

Music streaming service subscription 

Are you a Music Lover and like to hear your favorite songs whenever and wherever you want? If such is the case, then getting a Music Subscription like Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Prime Music could be the answer to your ‘what do I want for Christmas’ question.. Most of the music streaming services comes with millions of songs in their catalog, and you can find plenty of new songs in the genres you like with just a tap of fingers. Among the three major services, getting a Spotify or Apple Music would be better if you are attached to your headphones 24/7. Otherwise, you can go to Amazon Prime Music. It had less catalog of 1.3 million songs compared to 10’s of millions of songs of Spotify or Apple Music. 

Digital assistants

Smart Home devices are the current trend in the electronic devices we use in our homes. Amazon Echo devices are one of them and come with a virtual assistant to perform a lot of activities with word of mouth. Alexa is similar to the Siri or Google Assistant on your smartphones; they can make a call or send a message, play music, read the latest news, set reminders, alarms, timers, and weather. A smart home digital assistant can be the right answer to the ‘what do I want for Christmas’ question. 

Amazon Echo devices can do all of those and a lot more too. They can control other smart home devices like smart bulbs. They can order pizza for you, book a cab and lot more if the sellers have Alexa integration. If you are familiar with smart home devices, then get a new upgraded Amazon Echo Plus. If you are new and would like to test them, then get Echo Dot which costs less.

Magazine subscription 

Magazines are best for people who like to learn more or stay updated to the topic they like. There are a wide variety of magazines which cover topics like tech, home, kitchen, food, music, fitness, health, general, travel, games, fashion, movies and a ton more of topics. You can search and find the best magazines that interest you and get a subscribe to them. With an ever evolving technology, a lot of the world’s top magazines are also available in digital formats. If you have an iPad or tablet, digital format would be a very handy. Perhaps getting a magazine subscription would be the right answer to your ‘what do I want for Christmas’ question.

Kindle e-reader 

Kindle e-Reader has revolutionized the way people read books. They are thinner and lighter and come in the size of a regular novel which makes them more comfortable to read than an ordinary book. They have no screen glare unlike tablets or mobiles and are also readable under bright sunlight. They can hold thousands of books, building a sort of library in your palms. Kindle e-Readers can also read audiobooks through their earphones or headsets using Bluetooth connectivity. A single charge can last for weeks and with Kindle Unlimited or Prime Subscription, users can read as many books as they like from the Kindle store.

DSLR Camera

This is purely for people who love to take photographs and want to level up to a professional. You may be thinking I have got an iPhone and my shots look awesome why do I even need to get another? You may be right but to become a professional you need to understand a lot more than angles and pixels. A DSLR comes with a bunch of features which you may have never heard of. They give you more control over the camera, lens, shutter speed, exposure and a lot more. If you love photography, DSLR cameras are a great answer to the ‘what do I want for Christmas’ question. Be warned, they are a little difficult for beginners, so unless you have a passion for photography or are seriously interested in learning it, don’t blindly buy an expensive DSLR camera. 

So what are you going to get for Christmas?

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