20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Partner

valentine day gift

Valentine’s day can be a pretty nerve-racking holiday when you’re dating someone and still haven’t found the perfect gift for them. We understand how you’ve been a little stressed on coming up with a date idea to make them feel special and scratching your head thinking about what you are going to gift them that doesn’t collect dust in one corner of their bedroom and also doesn’t lose its charm after a few days. 

Not trying to put a lot of pressure on you but shopping for your partner can be quite daunting. We understand that you are under a lot of pressure to come up with a gift which is not super extravagant or over the top but also doesn’t look like you completely forgot to get them anything and came up with something at the very last moment. So, to help you, here are some low-key Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your significant other, that are sure to be a hit whether you’ve only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks or years. 

1. Grooming Kit

Grooming kits make a wonderful self-care gift for men. You could gift your significant other a personalized grooming kit, completely based on their preferences. 

2. Mixtape

There are no words more beautiful in human history than “I made a mixtape for you.” You can make a mixtape of all your partner’s favourite songs or of all the ones that make you think of them. This gift is super intimate and romantic. To make it more special, you can also get it customized in the form of a Spotify plaque, which has been trending lately.

3. Smartwatch

If your partner is a tech junkie, this technology-driven gift can be a utilitarian gift for them. It is easily available on various e-commerce websites as well as retail stores. This way every time they look at their watch to check the time, they’d think of you.

4. Their favourite perfume

Perfumes can make excellent gifts for your loved ones and are wearable on any occasion. Additional perk? They come in pretty adorable bottles. So, what are you waiting for? Go and pick your partner’s favourite scent already.

5. Customized photo frames

Nothing beats the old school gift ideas. Customize a photo frame with your favourite goofiest picture of you and your significant other and watch them melt into a puddle when they open it. 

6. Bluetooth speaker

If your partner loves listening to music on loud ear-blasting volume, then a portable Bluetooth speaker would be a perfect gift for him. These are affordable and easily available in retail stores as well as e-commerce websites.

7. Dress/shirt from their favourite brand

If your partner has been eyeing to buy a high-end dress or shirt, this is your time to gift it to them. This may burn a hole in your pocket but imagine the look on their face when they see what you got for them.

8. Candles

Candles are one of the few items that are universally appreciated. Soothing, scented candles can uplift your mood in no time and awaken the sense of calm in the mind.

9. Bath bombs

Nobody can be disappointed or complain if you hand them a pack of bath bombs that smell ridiculously amazing. Bath bombs are an amazing gift to give to your lover this Valentine’s Day for them to soak themselves in the essential oils filled warm bath and wash away their woes and stress.

10. Cactus/Succulents

Cacti and Succulents have their symbolic meaning that is almost as cute as flowers, if not more. Cacti are strong, tough, enduring and symbolize warmth, protection, unconditional love. In fact, in Japan giving someone, a flowering cactus means you are attracted to them. The best part is that these a very low maintenance plants making them a great gift for your lover.

11. Quirky mugs

If your partner loves caffeine almost as much as they love you, you could give them cute and quirky mugs that are available in abundance on e-commerce websites in every possible creative design. You can even customize mugs for your significant other based on what their preferences.

12. Annual subscription for their favourite streaming platform

There cannot be a more wonderful gift for all the movie junkies and binge-watchers. Just think about all the home movie date nights that you can enjoy together with this gift.

13. Handmade bookmarks

Anything handmade is so much more intimate and romantic because it shows the thought and effort someone put into giving you a gift. You can make cute bookmarks for your significant other and write their favourite quotes on them, or the quotes that remind you of them.

14. Sneakers

Who doesn’t like a cool pair of comfy sneakers? Gift your partner a pair of sneakers from their favourite brand and thank them for walking into your life.

15. A weekend getaway

Whether it is a staycation or an outdoorsy getaway, this is going to be a major hit either way. Plan a little trip to someplace on their bucket list and watch their eyes light up with excitement. And after the hard year we all have had because of the pandemic, you both could use a little peace and blow off some steam.

16. Hoodies

Hoodies are always appreciated. Always. Nobody would ever say no to a soft, comfy and cute hoodie that can be worn at all times of the day. You can even custom-design hoodies for your partner on several online sites.

17. Journal

A journal is a very sweet and thoughtful gift. It is a reminder that their life is beautiful and worth recording every moment of, that their thoughts are important and must be acknowledged, and that they should have a safe space to vent out and reflect on their raw feelings and emotions.

18. Constellation print

This is a very personal and beautiful gift idea for your partner. You can gift them a gorgeous constellation print that customizes the constellation, date, location, title etc., which makes it more thoughtful and romantic.

19. Jewellery

It could be a small promise ring, a bracelet with your initials, a necklace of their zodiac, or any piece of jewellery that your partner loves wearing.

20. Skincare products

If your partner is into taking special care of their skin, you can get the products for their entire skincare regime. This is a gift that will make your partner see how much you care for them, and you can never go wrong with skincare gifts.

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