Useful Tips on How to Create Beautiful Flower Bed Yourself

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In October-November, many beginner gardeners decide to move from theory to practice and start planting tulips and other bulbous flowers. Sometimes, it turns out that the flower garden, in reality, is not so beautiful and harmonious as in our imagination. What mistakes can be made in the fall, which disappoints the grower in the spring? Let’s learn how not to make them.

How to Place Various Flowers on Flower Beds?

It is not enough to choose flowers for your flower bed. It is also important to know such nuances as at what time the flowers bloom, how high the stems will be, how close to locate the planting material and whether it is necessary to extract it after flowering.

If you want your recently purchased lily bulbs or other flowers to please the eye throughout the summer, you can use these two different approaches:

  1. Choose bulbous flowers of the same flowering period, and when they fade, and it is time to dig them up, sow this area with fast-growing annuals;
  2. Select the flowers of different flowering periods, and remember to mark on the flower bed the places where the bulbs are located to pick them out of the ground in time.

Additionally, you can also study these three basic principles for placing flowers of different heights on flower beds:

  • If the flower bed is arranged near the fence, then tall plants are placed in the background, medium-sized plants — closer to the middle, and low-growing or ground cover plants — near the curb;
  • If the flower bed is round, then the highest flowers are planted in the centre, and the smallest — on the periphery;
  • If you plan to plant light-loving flowers, then it is recommended to choose plants of approximately the same height so that they do not shade each other.

Choosing a Planting Method: Soil, Pot or Container?

It is not necessary to dig a separate hole for each onion. It is more convenient to plant tulips in the so-called nests by preparing a big planting hole, in which to lay out the planting material. To protect against rodents and frost, many people practice such a planting option as a pot.

There are also special plastic containers for planting bulbs. They less protect from rodents, but they provide more freedom for placing planting material. And in them, it is not only convenient to plant but also to dig up the bulbs in the summer. With this method, you will not lose the landmark. Instead of containers, they also use plastic boxes for vegetables and fruits. You need to prepare a wide planting pit with a well-levelled bottom under them so that the roots can immediately “grab” the ground.

It is desirable to cover the bulbs with loose fertile soil. A mixture of humus and peat is perfect for this. It is also recommended mulching the winter plants. Good luck!

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