Understanding the ECS and CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Understanding the ECS and CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with animals. They are caring, loyal, and most of all, lovable. Research shows that millions of households take care of domestic animals in their homes, specifically dogs and cats as they take up the highest percentage of domestic animals that are commonly taken care of as household pets. They have basic needs like food, shelter, family, and love – just like us! Clothing is optional, but if your dog or cat is sassy, why not dress them up? 

Many trending videos and articles can be found online about pets that are funny and sometimes cute, you name it! They make the world a better place because of their sassiness and obedience, click here to view. You may find yourself being entertained and amazed by how your pets can save your day from boredom. If you don’t have a pet yet, now is the time to seriously think of taking in one. You could always adopt an animal to keep you company at home and make them feel loved and happy.

Some Great Tips On Caring For Your Pets

There are a lot of tips on taking care of your pets that can be found online. Better yet, I can give you some of the basic tips when you are just planning to take care of your dog and cat. Listed below are the tips that you might find useful to your pet parenting life and can be of help to make your decision on what kind of pet to take care of:

  • Find The Most Suitable Pet To Have

Before anything else, take into consideration the place where you are staying. If you’re staying in an apartment, make sure to ask your landlord first before having a pet or if you’re moving to a new apartment building and you already have a pet. Dogs are sometimes unacceptable in an apartment space because they bark loudly and can make your neighbors annoyed. However, you may find a cat suitable as an apartment pet because they are most likely quiet and just sleeps all the time.

  • Feed Them Correctly, Exercise, And Give Them Vitamins To Stay Healthy

Like humans, animals should have an exercise regimen to keep their bodies active and healthy. Take them out for a walk, but with a leash of course. This way you could ensure that they will not run away from you. You may also find CBD for cats and dogs as an alternative vitamin. Feed them foods with nutrients to keep their mind and body healthy.

  • Have A Safe Place To Stay For Your Pets

Of course, animals are naturally active. It is good to keep your fragile valuables such as glasses, plates, vases, etc. in your stockroom or cupboards as there are tendencies that your pets might break them, especially when they become extremely hyper. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Absorbing CBD Through ECS

Animals and humans have something alike – the endocannabinoid system or also known as ECS. It is a system that composes endocannabinoids – these are lipid-based transmitters that bind the cannabinoid receptors or CBRs and receptor proteins. This system can be found in the bodies of humans and bodies of animals as well. It acts as a neurotransmitter to the central nervous system that makes our brain activity and regulates cognitive and physiological processes such as memory, mood, appetite, pain-sensation, and absorbing the effects of cannabis. You can visit this website to find out more about ECS: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/endocannabinoid-system.

ECS is the system responsible for absorbing and processing the benefits given by CBD-based products if being consumed by animals and humans. CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is one of the elements out of hundreds of it that can be found in a cannabis plant. Only that, the CBD extract should come from industrial hemp and not from marijuana. Although marijuana and industrial hemp came from the same family of the Cannabis plant, they are very much different from each other because of their way of growing and cultivation.

It Will Not Make You High

The cannabinoid that is present from industrial hemp is much safer than extracts from marijuana, it is another element called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. These two elements are found in a cannabis plant and are way different from each other. THC is the element that has a strong psychoactive ingredient that makes the consumer euphoric and addicted to cannabis. On the other hand, CBD is much safer to consume for it is found in research that it is a non-psychoactive element which causes little to no side effects.

People can now freely consume and use cannabidiol even if it is extracted from the cannabis plant because of the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, duly signed to as a law by the United States President. It not just about legality for the usage of hemp but is also concerns with the enhancement of other activities that involve the agricultural areas. There is an enhancement of activities such as feeding programs to the community and other aspects as well.

So many people can benefit from cannabidiol. Research test results done by the professionals showed a lot of promise in terms of efficiency and usefulness to the medical industry. We can say that CBD can be of big help to cure a lot of illnesses and chronic diseases. Let’s just hope that everything pushes through and will give excellent results.

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