Top 8 Advantages of Arrange Marriages in India – Are You Ready?

Advantages of Arrange Marriages in India

There is always a never-ending debate over Arrange Marriage and Love Marriage. However, the idea of arranged marriage seems to be quite repulsive for the youth today and at the same time, few couples are carrying the arranged marriage life very well. Since India is a country with diverse religion, caste, status, customs, rituals etc; there is a lot to follow after marriage.

If you are someone who is scared about getting into an arranged marriage or you fear the whole concept of it, then you must know about the advantages of Arrange Marriages in India. Well! Here we tried to do a lot of research and with all the experiences we have gathered from our family members, friends, and colleagues who had an arrange marriages we made this article to help you understand the importance of arranged marriage. Here you will find the Top 8 Advantages of Arrange Marriages in India. So are you ready to unfold the truth?

Top 8 Advantages of Arrange Marriages in India

#1. Finding Love: No Time To Find The Perfect One!

Finding Love

The first advantage of being into an arranged marriage is to stop finding that perfect one. Yes! A lot of women and men are not getting married in the Modern era in the search of their perfect partner. If you are single and have no time to find your perfect date, then you can surely get an advantage from an arranged marriage and say NO to heartbreaks and dating pressures. It is actually great for introvert men and women who find it difficult to interact with new people. So don’t worry at all!

#2. Greater Adjustment:

One of the major factors that lead to a healthy relationship is the adjustment. In an arranged marriage, both the groom and the bride make the bigger adjustments, however, it is always important to look for major benefits from that. While things get challenging and difficult, you can always get support from both the families and everyone around you which makes life even more precious.

#3. Salary and Profession:

The major factors that come in while you think about getting married are salary and profession. While you go for an arranged marriage, it becomes easy for you to know the lifestyle of your partner before you settle down. Well! You can’t deny the fact that money or career is equally important if you want to lead a happy life. So knowing your partner’s profession and a salary well will help you in the near future. There are certain professionals which you can ignore being the bride and as well as a groom can also do the same if he doesn’t like anything about the bride’s profession.

#4. Family background:

Yet another very important factor while considering marriage in Indian society is to look at the family background. So when you are going for an arranged marriage, you may thought what is the point of doing it? Well! It can easily give you the access to check out the bride’s or groom’s family background. There is a slim chance of finding that they come from a bad background and also at the same time! So it is always great to do a good research before jumping into any kind of conclusion.

#5. Child Up-Bringing:

Child Up-Bringing

Another important part of arranged marriage that one must look at is the benefit of child upbringing. The one thing that should always be on your mind is the Child-Rearing factor. When you settle down for an arranged marriage, you surely have checked the family background which will help you in your future in upbringing your child. The family culture is a matter of fact while upbringing a child as everything reflects in their nature. Also, you will get a help from your in-laws to take care of your children. They will surely do it with the utmost love, care, and affection even in your absence.

#6. Greater Compatibility: Expectation Level is Much Lower

Compatibility Test

Compatibility is a very important factor while you are getting yourself into a commitment like marriage. It is not that love marriage people don’t have good compatibility but if you are thinking about an arranged marriage, then consider being compatible with your partner. It takes time to understand a person and hence you both will get a fair amount of time to know each other which will eventually make your relationship better and stronger. Oh yes, the case would be another way around if you are too filmy and expect your partner to do all the stuff that you have watched in movies.

#7. Your parents look after everything and choose the best option


The best benefit according to me is that your parents are there to get you the best in your life. Yes! As none can know you better than your parents hence when it comes about your life partner, they will find you the perfect partner. They know how you are and who can handle your tantrums and they will surely find a person who will keep you happy like never before. Yes! They are way too practical and thinks practically but be sure to get the best partner in your life.

#8. Your in-laws already love you!


Now, what can be better than this? Yes! If you are going for an arranged marriage, then it is that your in-laws already love you. Since they know that you are perfect for their son or daughter, then there is always a plus point to love you. You can feel comfortable with your in-laws and yes, that works in both the cases. However, the same may not happen in case of love marriages.


There is always a positive side and a negative side of everything. Arrange marriage works better than love marriage and vice-versa is a totally wrong concept. Marriage is a beautiful relationship between two people and the bond they share. It depends on all other factors as well. However, arrange marriage can be a great idea for people who are introvert or are afraid of being in love or heartbreaks.
Here are our lists of the Top 10 Advantages of Arrange Marriages in India that you can wish to enjoy. If you are just thinking about not to marry your parent’s s choice of a person, do read this article once!

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