Top-7 Best Cigarette Brands

Many women and men living in the US smoke cigarettes. Of course, everyone has individual preferences, but most smokers try to select cigs of the top-quality and at affordable prices. The wide assortment of tobacco brands makes the choice comprehensive. To help you find your brand and speed up the selection process, look at the best quality cigarettes in the world.

Top-7 Popular Cigarettes in the World

1) Marlboro

Marlboro cigarettes produced by the American company Philip Morris are sold all over the world. However, according to CigsWay, they are also among the best-selling cigs in the US.  Their distinctive feature is high-quality tobacco and increased strength. Even the lightest type of these cigarettes contains 4 mg of resin, while the strongest — 9 mg.

2) Parliament

Philip Morris cigarettes with the pretentious name Parliament are considered almost a national symbol of the United States. The brand’s line includes 7 types of cigarettes, while their uniqueness is distinguished by carbon filtration of inhaled smoke with a cooling effect. Their strength varies from 1 to 8, which allows everyone to choose the best variety for themselves.

3) Kent

No less popular cigarettes are the products of Lorillard, supplied to the world market by British American Tobacco under the Kent trademark. There are more than 15 types of Kent cigarettes. The main advantage of Kent cigs is the combination of a charcoal and acetate filter, inside which a gelatin capsule is placed, providing a special taste while smoking.

4) Captain Black

Almost every smoker has tried these cigs once in one’s life. Indeed, these cigs are different from others. Their taste, aroma, and top quality allow even the opponents of smoking to give positive feedback. Usually, these cigs are not used for everyday smoking, but special days. They are rather strong and worth their price.

5) Vogue

Vogue cigarettes have been produced by Rothmans International and then by British American Tobacco for almost a century. Initially, these cigs were considered exclusively female, which was the reason for their shape, packaging design, and a special mild taste, enhanced by flavors.

6) Camel

These cigarettes are made by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. The raw ingredients for Camel cigs are the best varieties of Turkish and American tobacco. Seven types with different tastes are produced. The Camel pack is easily recognizable thanks to its invariable business card — the painted camel. It has been on all packs for over a hundred years.

7) Chesterfield

Elite American Chesterfield cigarettes produced by Liggett & Myers are distinguished by an unusual composition of the tobacco mixture, thanks to which their taste is unique and well-recognized. The range of varieties is not so wide and includes only 6 options from the Classic Red to Bronze, which is considered the lightest.

Each of the above-listed types of tobacco products has its own consumer and has received certain popularity. It is rather difficult to say which one is better because everyone defines this concept based on individual feelings and preferences. What are your favorite ones? Share with us!

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