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BB Gun

Guns have played a big part in woven our history from the earliest colonies to revolvers, rifles, and Glock handguns. As time passes, gun literacy continues to decline, allowing people to shoot more while knowing less. This act leads to increasing fear and gun violence. 

Various types of guns continue to dominate and circulate the market. These guns are divided into two divisions: handguns and long guns. You may have heard about bullet ball or ball bearing guns, interchangeably referred to as airsoft guns—BB guns. However, these guns may have similar projectiles known as BBs and almost identical functions, but the comparison ends there. 

What is A BB Gun?

Before buying yourself a BB gun, there are several factors that you’ll need to consider, and we’ve broken down several queries in your mind about BB guns. These guns originated in the US, way back in 1886. They were initially sold as spring piston-powered rifles which shoot one shotgun pellet. 

While they are still sold to this date, it’s vital to understand that not everyone can own or possess a gun. Purchasing from a credible and reliable store is critical. If you’ve made up your mind and plan to obtain one, this UK bb gun retailer should be your go-to to ensure gun legitimacy and clear any legislation concerns. 

As stated in the 1968 Firearms Act, any firearm imitation that appears to be a firearm, no matter if it’s capable of discharge a bullet, shots, or missile, is prohibited. BB guns may be covered with this concern, and the succeeding laws must be honored: 

  • The legal age to possess or own a BB gun should be 18 years and above
  • Adults are required to supervise a person below 12 -19-8 when using guns
  • Guns should never be concealed to anyone, fired, or pointed at any human and animal
  • Firearms are prohibited from being carried in public places unless they are in transit
  • Guns must be placed in a pack/bag
  • Protective gear or clothing and safety glasses must be worn when gin viewing or operating

Frequently Asked Questions About BB Guns 

As the law required, BB guns must be made of 51% transparent plastic, or the surface finished should be in bright colors. Colors must be vibrant shades of purple, pink, green, orange, blue, yellow, and red. Two-toned guns are released to quickly help distinguish a fake or imitation by the general public and authorities. 

If you’ll transport your gun, ensure that it’s securely placed in a gun bag to reduce any risk of attracting attention.

1. What Is The Age Limit To Purchase A Gun?

To purchase a gun in the UK, you have to be over 18 years old. Regardless if you are buying a two-toned or a RIF variety. The law prohibits anyone from selling a gun to a person under 18 years old. Exceptions to these rules remain, as giving a firearm to a minor does not constitute an offense. 

Altering the appearance of trying to modify an imitation to make it more realistic is strictly prohibited and punishable by law as this is considered a criminal offense. 

2. Can A BB Gun Kill You?

They can, and there are reported cases of deaths by these airsoft guns. Most casualties are children, as their developing body is not thick enough to handle the pressure from BB gun ammunition. Injuries are also recorded among children who play with these guns. 

These are constant reminders that these are dangerous toys that need supervision from adults when minors use these guns. 

3. Are BB Guns Dangerous?

BB guns and other non-powder guns such as paintball guns, pellet guns, and airsoft guns pose a danger, especially for children and teens, as they can cause eye injuries. Non-powder firearms, if not supervised and properly used, can inflict injuries, severe disability, and even death which is quite alarming. 

4. What Are BB Guns Used For?

Technically, BB guns are used for target practice shooting and training purposes. Several gun owners use this farm for hunting or specific objectives of controlling pests. They can also be used for tactical simulation and military practices. 

5. Are BB Guns Illegal In the UK?

Generally, these guns are legal in the United Kingdom, but several legislation concerns need to be observed. Owning a replica of an airsoft gun has several factors worth considering before you purchase or possess. 

VCRA Section 36 (2006), RIF or Real Imitation Firearms prohibits private ceiling, manufacturing, or importing. Two-tone guns must have bright finishings for authorities and the general public for easy identification. 

Final Words

The law which governs firearms may change, and it’s vital to check with your state or federal regulation of any updated restrictions when purchasing a gun. Nonetheless, replica, airsoft, or not, owning a gun doesn’t put you above the law or allows you to aim or fire it at any person or animal. 

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