Top 10 Foods That Are So Easy To Growth At Home That You’ll Never Buy Them At The Store Again

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Are you looking forward to growing some vegetables in your own kitchen or window side or home garden? And if you want things to be affordable and are low in maintenance or something that you can grow without investing much time, then this article is just for you. Today, I have shared with you the list of the Top 10 Foods That Are So Easy To Growth At Home That You’ll Never Buy Them At The Store Again.

Sounds interesting? If yes, then don’t forget to follow the article below as you will find many interesting things and will be able to know about foods that you can grow easily at home. In fact, this will save you a lot of money, so hurry up and read below.

1. Potatoes

Potatoes are ideal for loads of tasty dishes such as cheese and onion rosti, fish jhol, potato chips, french fries, etc. Whether prefer boiling them or roast them, even if you want to mash or fry them, potatoes are equally tastier in every recipe you make. The best thing is that you can easily grow them in an old garden dustbin. Yes! They are great to grow anywhere but you need to cover certain basic tips.

How Can You Grow Potatoes?

Try to fill an old dustbin or you can use a grow bag or even an old potato bag with around half compost. And the next step is to plan one or two whole potatoes in there but the trick is not to plant too many. This is because all of them need space for the roots to sprout as well as grow. So if you keep them packed, the trick won’t work.

Once you see the green shoots emerge above the soil, you must cover it a little with a bit more compost and wait until it again emerges, and then repeat the same process. Do this thing for around 10-20 weeks and your potatoes will be ready to eat. Keep them well watered.

2. Strawberries

Who doesn’t love to have some juicy strawberries with their breakfast cereal or sliced up in any of the homemade cocktails or on porridge? Strawberries are great to include in your daily diet. It has a lot of antioxidants and is rich in fiber and vitamins. How about growing it in your home garden and not get the store ones? Interesting right? Well! Check out below to find out the way of growing strawberries at home.

How Can You Grow Strawberries?

To grow strawberries at home, you need to have a pot or you can use grow bags or if you have a garden you can do it over there. Avoid getting waterlogged as strawberries won’t in areas that can get waterlogged. The bonus here is that if you look after them they’ll keep producing fruit year after year.

3. Onions and Garlic

The ultimate staple ingredients to add to every food recipe are none other than onions and garlic. Yes! They can make any dish taste heavenly and delicious using the right amount of just these two ingredients. However, you can easily grow garlic and onions at home and as a result, you will be able to save a lot of cash.

In fact, not only you can grow them at home but you can easily store onions perfectly. Yes! You can store it for around eight months and garlic can be kept for months in the freezer.

How Can You Grow Onions and Garlic?

If you want to grow garlic as well as onions at home, search out for those green shoots that are one that generally means your bulbs need binning. You can even plant them as whole onion bulbs or single garlic cloves in a pretty nicely drained soil either in a large grow bag or in the ground. However, keep in mind that are in soil by around autumn or spring and then leave them to do their work. Ensure you water them from time to time.

4. Herbs

Herbs are an essential food to consume and the best thing about fresh herbs is that they can bring life to even the most boring meals and make them super tasty. However, there is only one issue and that is they can cost you a lot of money and another issue is that it is very much difficult to keep them fresh for a longer period. Hence, it won’t be great putting your hard-earned money. But, you can always grow some at your home or garden without much hassle.

You can have a good selection of herbs in a window box, in a hanging basket, or outside in pots and it will be a great addition to your cooking essentials.

How Can You Grow Herbs?

There are several options to grow herbs at home. You can get some seeds from a garden center or you can opt for the potted herb plant from any nearby supermarket. In fact, you can find some slightly peek-looking ones that are there in the reduced section and you can take them home. Yes! All you need to do is to replant them in your window box and they will come back to life.

Parsley, basil, sage, and chives will easily grow in a sunny window box or you can plant them in a pot by the window side. On the other hand, oregano, thyme, mint, and rosemary will all do well both indoors and outside in a garden.

5. Chillies and Peppers

Chilies and peppers are an amazing way of spicing up any dish of your choice and they are pretty much easy to grow. They are essential ingredients to add to any food recipe and spice it up.

How Can You Grow Chillies and Peppers?

These plants will do just fine in a small pot if you keep in by the window side. Yes! In fact, you can grow several varieties and different types of seeds and stick to one per pot, and don’t forget to water them quite often. Try to go slow and steady. And you will have amazingly grown chilies and peppers at your home or garden.

6. Salad Leaves

The best thing about Salad Leaves is that you can grow them almost every time of the year in case you pick different types according to the seasons.

How Can You Grow Salad Leaves?

If you have space, then you can grow them in the ground or in a window box if you have the loose-leaf variety. You can spice up your salads by growing radishes as well as spring onions in plant pots too.

Another great option about salad is that it can quickly grow the leaves and plant seeds in the summer months and then you will have bigger leaves enough to put in your sandwiches in just three to four weeks.

If you find the slugs are eating them before you, some crushed eggshells or salt around your plants will help ward them off.

7. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great staple ingredient or vegetable that you can use in almost all dishes. Salad is actually incomplete without tomatoes in it. In fact, they are staples for students as you can use them in the super healthy cod and pesto recipe. So what if you can grow them at your home or garden? It will be amazing right? So check out below to see how you can grow tomatoes.

How Can You Grow Tomatoes?

You can buy tomato seeds and then plant them at home or you can always opt for a baby plant that already comes with a vine in case you want to start producing sooner. Once you see they are having a decent size, then you can transfer them to the grow bag or you can buy a special variety for the hanging baskets too.

You might need to use a wooden stake and then tie the vine to it with a garden wire. This will help you to plant it upright and invest in more tomato fertilizer and it will keep them healthy and happy.

Once you see that it is turning red, pick them and pop them on your window sill until they fully ripen. However, it is essential for you to keep in mind that you need to avoid putting tomatoes in the fridge until they are ripe.

8. Celery

One of the most amazing veggies that you can reproduce at home all by yourself is none other than Celery. They can take any regular dish to the next level of taste and since they are green vegetables, they are quite good for your health. If you want to grow them at the house, all you need to do is to keep the roots with you and follow the process below.

How Can You Grow Celery?

All you need to do is to put the root in a shallow bowl or a cup of water by the window side. Ensure that it is not totally submerged and just spray water at the top often so that it doesn’t dry out. Another good idea will be to stick some cocktail sticks in the sides and then rest them on the bowl edges. This will not let the top go underwater.

Wonderfully, after around a week, you will see a new little celery head pops up and at that time, you can transfer it to the grow bag or a pot of soil.

You’ll have a whole new edible celery within a few weeks!

To save more money on food, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are loads of other foods you can regrow from scraps, such as avocados, spring onions, and ginger.

9. Rhubarb

Rhubard is yet another amazing vegetable that can be used in several recipes. You can simply boil it up to make pies. All you need to do is to crumble or just whack it with some custard and it will surely taste amazing. Although, you need to remember that you should not consume it raw or you will have some serious stomach ache.

How Can You Grow Rhubarb?

One of the easiest ways to grow rhubarb is to get your hands on some young plants from the garden center. And then, you can plant them either in part of your garden or you can plant them in a large pot. The best thing is that it does require top-notch potting soil and that’s where you need to spend some extra cash. Rhubarb has a tendency to grow in abundance once it gets going. So it will be worth investing in your money in buying expensive potting soil.

10. Cress

If you are looking for easy-to-grow food, then nothing can be better and easier than growing cress. Let me tell you how you can grow cress easily at home without any hassle.

How Can You Grow Cress?

Just go and get an old cress pot leftover from one that you have bought previously at the supermarket. Or you can opt for any shallow and affordable plastic pot and whack in some seeds and soil. Now place it in a sunny spot by the side of your window and don’t forget to water it. And you are done!

Cress is so easy to get going that you could even plant some in an old yogurt pot, or empty eggshells if you’re feeling really creative.


So these are the Top 10 Foods That Are So Easy To Growth At Home That You’ll Never Buy Them At The Store Again. If you are someone who loves to plant seed or leafy vegetables, then these are the 10 items that will help you do so without much hassle. Do try planting all these seeds and then let us know how everything went.

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