Tips to discipline your toddler

Mommy teaching her tiny toddler

Being a parent it is necessary to discipline your toddler. It becomes important to make them learn from their mistakes so that they do not repeat them again. This should start a young age. This is not only the role of mother but also of the father and the family too. Dealing with effective discipline with your young one is one of the toughest and frustrating tasks of parenting.
Discipline does not mean hitting (spanking) or punishing. It means teaching and learning. No one likes to be ordered and it is the same with toddlers. Children of all age groups (including adults) require love, care and attention.
So what’s the solution?


Toddlers are curious and it’s natural that they make mistakes. As they grow they understand the connection between the actions and their consequences. Until then it’s the responsibility of the family to teach the toddler what is right and what is not. For example if your toddler has a habit of scribbling on the walls, you need to explain him that his action is wrong. If he doesn’t listens to you tell him that next time if repeats it, he’ll be the one cleaning the walls. If the behavior gets repeated again remind him to use the papers instead.


At times it’s okay to ignore the poor behavior as interfering with them always may make your toddler distant or unfriendly with you. A study explains that hitting, beating or spanking children makes them stubborn and aggressive. If the inappropriate behavior still continues, then a simple technique could be considered. For example, making them stand in the corner of the wall or telling them no more weekend picnics with him or you won’t get his favorite toy/action figure etc. But do not unnecessarily threaten them.

Positive approach

Remember, discipline isn’t only about teaching or punishing it is also about recognizing good behavior. While you decide on what behavior should be corrected, it is equally important to boast their good behavior by giving the toddler rewards so as they understand and learn easily.
Another way to deal with their behavior is through stories. Narrate stories and relate their behavior to those stories when they go wrong. Do not forget that toddlers are quick learners and they learn many things by watching their parents. Your behavior is a role-model material to them. Make sure you as parents don’t show aggressive behavior or abusive language in front of your young one.
As parents we want our children to grow respectable citizens. Through discipline, children are taught to become kind, honest, responsible, caring and sharing people. Discipline and punishment are two different things. If you punish your toddler rather than disciplining him, you will not get the desired results.

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