Things you must know about Stroke, its sign, symptom and how to avoid it.

What is a Stroke?

A stroke is also known as brain attack that can happen to anybody and at any time. When a part of brain is cut off from blood flow, stroke happens. During this cut off period, the brain cells loses necessary oxygen and thus they tend to die. All the controlled area in brain like muscles and memories are lost as brain cells die during strokes.
The amount of destruction caused to the person can be depended on factors like what portion of brain and in what amount has been damaged. People having longer strokes can be paralyzed permanently from any part of the body. While others may lose speaking ability or even memory. If handled in correct time, after effects of strokes can be minimized and the person can be saved if provided with correct diagnosis.

What are the Warning signs and symptoms of stroke?

  • Although there may not be specific sign for stroke taking place, but high blood pressure, hypertension and high cholesterol level can become risk factors as they act as silent killers in our body.
  • Some people may experience TIA or transient ischemic attack that is a kind of stroke which can be resolved itself. The symptoms of TIA can be minor or dramatic where the person might face short term numbness, weakness, speech difficulty or facial drop. These symptoms generally last for few minutes in such kind of stroke.
  • Another form of stroke is Amaurosis fugox in which the person loses the vision for short period in one or both the eyes. This is due to clotting of blood in the arteries of eyes that supplies blood to it.
  • Symptoms of stroke may be seen varying according to person health status and what area of brain has stopped functioning due to clotting of blood. The symptoms may be seen in a person before actual stroke takes place like change in consciousness or showing confused state of mind.
  •  Sudden weakness or paralysis in full or partial body and numbness in other parts of body can also be seen in a person before or during stroke.
  • Stroke can cause partial or complete loss of vision or sometimes causing double vision even. The person might feel difficulty in speaking and unable to stand or balance own body. Person with stroke might feel a tendency to vomit or having severe headaches also.


How can I prevent stroke?

‘Prevention is better than cure’ a wise statement if followed. Yes, stroke can be prevented from taking place if we follow healthy lifestyle. Strokes normally takes place due to hypertension and high blood pressure for which we need to take care of ourselves and our body. Smoking and intake of high amount of alcohol and drugs can also result in stroke. Patients who have encountered strokes or are facing signs of strokes must take prescribed medications and help from doctors.


Whenever you encounter any person who is having a stroke, call immediately for doctors help or any hospital emergency ward. During stroke each second counts that can either save a person’s life or become the cause of death.
Do not let the person sleep and keep talking to the person or try make them smile, if possible.
If the concerned people are taking longer time to come and the patient seems falling, you can go for CPR. Although all patients do not require CPR but if they are unconscious and becomes unable to move, CPR can provide help until ambulance arrives.

Seeing somebody in stroke can be a frightening experience, but your strength can save someone’s life and therefore you must remain focused and behave good-naturedly while dealing with the patient.

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