These 9 tips Improve Your Chances Of Winning Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards

For getting some quick money people try playing scratch cards. This way could be safe as you can try your luck from one side and not drop too much from the other side. However, you have possibilities of making some improvements to have better chances to win. Below you can find a few tips to follow if you want to achieve your goal.

9. Never Purchase The Cheapest Cards

Nowadays we have too many different scratch cards and it can be rather difficult to make a right decision. They can be different by categories such as design, price whatever, so it is important to keep focused and not to lose control over the situation.

The option of the cheaper tickets seems to be very attractive, that is why some people follow it with pleasure. But remember, one of the obvious reasons of their low cost can be that they have a lower prize pool. So more reasonable seems to be buying more expensive tickets but in lesser quantities. It’s really the case when quality must prevail over quantity.

8. Check The Small Print

Though it can sound a little specifically it’s not an advice for getting a loan, moreover, the small print can be very informative in appreciation of chances to win. Never forget, reading it makes a sense.

7. Purchase In Bulk

There are even special tactics how to buy tickets in bulk. Very popular is the tactic when you buy around 5 tickets from 1 game in a maiden visit to the place of their distribution. Another tactic is to purchase only 1 card within a few visits there.

Bulk purchasing can really make higher your chances, as a winning ticket could be placed throughout scratch cards. So if your money is not restricted it is better to make bulk buying than several purchases.

6. Play Them Like Slots

That means tactics used by slot players could be useful here as well. It is well-known that experienced gamblers can hang around slot machines and wait until other players fail to catch a big prize. If the drought is long enough the automat can be about to hit. It’s worth remembering that playing for the sake of making money is risky. By the way, you can play gambling is not only offline. The network is quite a lot of gambling entertainment that players will enjoy. But it is important to read the best online casino reviews. Choosing the most suitable for yourself, you can have a fun time.

Hunting down scratch cards with prizes could mean hanging around the place of their distribution. And it can take more time or make you feel not so comfortable with it. If you manage to speak to the store assistant or the vendor, you can find out whether there were prize tickets being purchased lately. Going the way like this could be sufficient in pursuit for a big win.

5. Don’t Hurry To Throw Away Old Tickets

It may have sense even if the card recently bought seems a loser. Do not make a mistake with throwing it away. There are cases when jackpot is not hit and manufacturer may decide to pick a best of losing tickets.

4. Submit Your Losing Tickets

Like the previous one: You can be 100 percent sure of your loss only after conducting an official check. Nothing may be excluded, e.g. missed winning combination or simply any errors whatever. Moreover, you have nothing to lose and at least there is a little chance for some kind payment. Chance of missing something is not excluded as well.

3. Study The Subject Of Interest

Players with experience use the “Singleton Method” just to analyze scratch cards to pick up some information including possible signs, numbers, or even combinations which can be crucial for winning a prize. Unfortunately, many manufacturers know this tactic and have already made contra steps. However, there are a few of them who still have not taken any measures, so this is your chance for success. This method is used for scratch cards with side numbers.

2. Control Your Budget

Whatever happens you need to keep up to some restrictions of money amounts spent just to prevent yourself from losing large amounts of money. The best way for it is to set a budget for every week or month and constantly keep finances under control.

1. Pick A Game And Stick To It

Only one game needed, not two or even more, otherwise you risk all the time hit only losing tickets. All you have to do is just to pick a game and stick to it which is the better long-running strategy.


Hopefully we managed to give you some useful ideas for making better your chances to win a prize. But do not forget, it is not the way which could guarantee your future wins in scratch cards. There are no tricks how to achieve that, so it is all about your luck.

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