The Supernatural Character Who Fits Your Zodiac Sign

The Supernatural Character Who Fits Your Zodiac Sign

Supernatural was a very well received TV series, especially given its length – over 300 episodes over the course of 15 years.

The fans watched a variety of characters, either funny or evil, but nevertheless memorable. And people really got to believe that they have plenty in common with the characters.

So there is no wonder the American TV series has gained a lot of popularity during the years. Also, websites like psychic reading, horoscope, and astrology have more and more customers, as people tend to link usual events and signs to celestial events or objects.

Starting from this, it’s interesting to see how the fans relate to the characters, in this movie, especially when it comes to the Zodiac signs. If you ever wondered what is the Zodiac sign telling about a person, the resemblance with a Supernatural figure may come in hand.

Here is the list of the signs corresponding to the characters in the tv series, and some of you may find more than just one matching their own:

Aries – Lucifer or Charlie Bradbury

The Aries is a fire sign, and is characterized by volatility, impatience, and aggression. Thinking of Lucifer would be a good way to describe this sign. Aries are very intelligent and creative, and also powerful leaders with confidence in themselves.

Aries are also very energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated, with a great taste for adventure, and here you can recognize Charlie Bradbury.

Taurus – Sam Winchester

The younger of the Winchester brothers is practical and with his feet on the ground, like a Taurus should be. He is also stubborn, but a good friend, with a strong desire to protect his family and friends. Sam Winchester is brainy, stable, and dependable – other characteristics of a true Taurus.

Gemini – Gabriel or Rowena MacLeod

Archangel Gabriel is funny, sarcastic, and energetic, and so is a Gemini. He is also smart and easy adaptable, and has a dual personality.

Like Rowena, Gemini have multiple faces and know how to get what they want, but they are also altruistic and put others on the first place.

Cancer – Amara

Amara fits best to the Cancer sign. She might look emotional and violent, but deep down she is very loyal to her family. This is why she felt betrayed by her brother. She also intuitive and creative, which are other Cancer characteristics.

Leo – Chuck

What else than a ruler may be a Leo/Lion? They are powerful beings, so it is easy to understand why Chuck is one of them. OK, no birthdate here, but being creative and passionate makes him a true Leo. He is though also stubborn and arrogant.

Virgo – Castiel

This angel must be a Virgo. He is selfless, intelligent, and wise, and makes choices to help others. Virgos do that – trying their best to help others. Castiel is calm and practical, but also perfectionist and critical of his past mistakes.

Libra – Crowley or Balthazar

Crowley can be a Libra for his charms and charisma and for his strong and leader character, but he is nevertheless vain.

Another perfect Libra character is Balthazar, who is charming and intelligent, but also sensitive. He shows signs of creativity and he is fearless, so that should best describe a Libra.

Scorpio – Rowena

Rowena can also be a true Scorpio, for being mysterious. Although vindictive, she is ambitious and determined, and her trust and loyalty are hard to earn, yet strong and lasting. All these make her a leading character for the Scorpios.

Sagittarius – Claire Novak or Gabriel

Claire Novak is truly an independent spirit and a traveler, like a Sagittarius. Other characteristics are being sarcastic, determined, and generous, but reckless and impatient.

Remember Gabriel had a dual personality? He can be a Sagittarius too, for his enthusiasm and for the adventurous nature. All those add to his hilarious spirit.

Capricorn – Michael

Being a Capricorn means that one is responsible and has a sense of duty, something like Michael. He is the oldest of the Archangels, so no wonder he fits best this Zodiac sign. Discipline and intelligence come along as skills for this sign. Capricorns also love their family and traditions.

Aquarius – Dean Winchester

The oldest of the hunter brothers who appear in the entire season is born in January. He is adventurous, intelligent, loyal, and innovative, and he protects his friends and family. Dean is sometimes very temperamental though, so more of an Aquarius sign.

Pisces – Jody Mills

Jody Mills fits the Pisces sign, for being selfless, compassionate, and very careful with the ones around her. Also, like a true Pisces, Jody is very altruistic, although she is not as soft as she may seem – not to forget the sheriff she is.

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