The Reasons Why Gambling Online is Better Than Trekking to a Casino

The Reasons Why Gambling Online is Better Than Trekking to a Casino

There’s no denying that there is something about the magic of casinos. Stepping inside a brightly lit and yet timeless place, where excess seems the order of the day (or is it night?). However the reality of the situation is that gambling online is a heck of a lot better for the majority of people the majority of the time. Want to know why? Check out these reasons.

No pants

Who likes sitting around with no pants? Everyone, that’s who! However, unfortunately you can’t do this at a casino, or you’ll get the boot from the establishment pretty quickly. 

In all seriousness, it’s less about not wearing pants and more about looking however you damn well please when you’re playing at online casinos. This may be not wearing pants (or any clothes at all), not putting on your makeup or doing your hair, or even just wearing your scruffy old track pants.

Having the freedom to wear whatever you want to wear, look however you can be bothered to look, is truly one of the great pluses to gambling online.

No worrying about coronavirus

Yes, it’s 2020 so this one is quite topical. If you are reading this in 2025 then hopefully you can skip over this point because it no longer applies to casino gambling.

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However, since it is 2020, we all remain concerned about the possibility of catching the deadly coronavirus. This virus is known to spread in enclosed spaces, so that casino halls are really on the outs at the moment. The thrill of a win on the slots is somewhat overtaken by the fear of contracting the virus and passing it on to our loved ones.

Instead, it’s better to stay at home and simply annoy our loved ones with the constant ‘ca-ching ca-ching ca-ching, brrrrriiiing’ emanating from our phones instead. Better to be annoying than to be deadly.

No need for a sober driver

Drinking and casinos go hand in hand. If you go to have a flutter, it’s more than likely you’ll have a tipple while you’re at it.

One of the core downsides of this is that you need to think about your transport to and from the casino – because drinking and driving is not only dangerous, it’s illegal too. This means that you need to either a) not drink at all, b) count your drinks and make sure that you stop if you are driving, c) get a sober driver in your group, or d) organize alternate transport, be it public transport or a cab.

If you are online gambling, then all this preplanning can go out the window. You can drink as much as you please in your own home without worrying about transport options. Go ahead and open another bottle of wine or crack a can if you wish!

Free money!

Land-based casinos comp you with food and booze while online casinos give you a chance to play for free. Who needs sad nacho chips and house wine when you can actually get free money instead?

Casinos usually offer little food and drink comps in exchange for you to spend your own money at their facilities. Because online casinos don’t have this option they give you something arguably better instead – free money. There are plenty of deals to be had if you know where to look.


Want to go for a gamble but you have a million tasks to do around the house – laundry, dishes, gardening? Rather than blowing off your responsibilities like a childish celebrity, do the adult thing and gamble responsibly – by playing games in between doing all your boring chores.

Now you can reward yourself from putting the washing out on the line by playing a round of poker. Now you can have ten spins on the slots after loading up the dishwasher. Now you can put $20 on the horses after you scrub the bathroom. Now you can play some Keno after you’ve trimmed the bushes.

Never before will household chores feel quite so rewarding. And hey, you’ve earned it. You’ll feel like you have done all your work while at the same time having plenty of fun too.

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