The Advantages of Keeping Cable TV

cable tv

The entertainment industry is changing fast in the United States due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing. There are a number of streaming services online that make our favorite TV shows more accessible; we can watch whatever we want, whenever we want. Though streaming services are both convenient and affordable, cable TV still has its advantages. It’s important to consider these advantages when deciding whether to cancel your services. Yes, Netflix and Hulu are great, but they aren’t really the same as cable TV. Many cable companies such as Comcast Xfinity, Mediacom and Charter Spectrum, have great deals on cable tv packages when you bundled with other services. Here are the reasons you should keep your cable TV service:

There is Always a Connection

Cable TV does not need to be connected to the internet, so it is always available to your entire household. Those who have cable TV need not worry about connectivity issues. The coaxial cables make it easy to watch cable at any time of the day, even during peak hours.

Streaming services are prone to buffering or refreshing. They rely on how strong the internet connection is, which can cause problems with spotty services. Cable television is always there whereas the internet can be unreliable. During a major storm or a snowy day, cable will be there while the internet may not be.

There are Many Channels

Many cable TV providers have more television channels available when compared to other sources of video entertainment. Even though there is no way to choose exactly what show you want to watch at any given time, you can choose from a variety of networks. You can also record upcoming shows that you want to watch so they never go away. Streaming services often add new content, but they also delete content. With cable, nothing is ever permanently gone. You can watch new episodes of your favorite shows live, too. This option is not available anywhere else. Some streaming services offer new episodes of TV shows, but not until the day after they air. Only cable has all the channels and all the new episodes.

You Can Get a Bundle Deal

Residents in NYC can get phone services, TV services and internet services at with a reduction from the regular prices. Online streaming services don’t offer the same bundles as cable companies do. The reduced price of the internet could actually be enough to purchase a couple of monthly streaming services. This is the best way to save money on cable TV. In addition to bundle deals, cable companies will reward their most loyal customers with bonuses and discounts on other services and products. This is a great deal that almost all cable companies provide to their users.

It’s Affordable

Cable TV is affordable. Different streaming services stream various networks but all channels can be found on cable TV. It is not necessary to worry about what shows are on Netflix vs. what shows are on Hulu because cable TV has them all (this does not include original content created by different streaming services.) Cable TV even has the Disney channel, which is otherwise only available on Disney+. In regards to getting the most at the cheapest price, cable TV is the way to go.

Cable TV Has Sports

The most likely reason cable TV has not completely gone out of business is that of professional sports. Sports fans love their football Sundays. They also love the Olympics, which is only available on cable. Those who don’t love sports may not see a need for cable, but, for everyone else it’s a necessity. Professional sports have not partnered with streaming services, probably because they do not pay as well as the advertisers on cable. If you love sports but are wanting to cancel your cable subscription: don’t. There are few options to watch sports live, and they are all complicated.

Cable TV is not what it was 20 years ago. In fact, cable TV isn’t even what it was five years ago. Its popularity has significantly decreased, especially since the emergence of Netflix’s streaming service in 2007. The rise in streaming services has made it hard for cable TV to stay afloat. Those who have cable now are wavering and considering cutting off their cable completely. These advantages to cable TV will help people decide whether or not they want to continue with its service.

Cable is an important part of entertainment and has paved the way for streaming services today. It would be a shame to see cable television fail, especially with how long it’s been around. Seriously consider the benefits of cable TV before writing it off completely. Remember: if you want to watch the Super Bowl live, you need cable television.

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