Spray in Truck Bed Liner vs Drop in Bed Liner


When it comes to making sure that your truck is in great shape, the solutions aren’t much different from other vehicles. However, for most pickups, you have to consider the state of the truck bed. There are some vehicle owners out there that would prefer not to drive their beloved trucks to keep the bed safe from the elements, but that’s not much fun is it?

Fortunately, there are two great ways to help ensure that your truck’s bed is as safe as possible, providing (potentially) years of support. There is the spray-in bed liner, as well as the drop-in bed liner. Each one has its own distinct advantages, and we’ll be starting with the latter first.

What’s so great about the drop-in bed liner?

First and foremost, as far as solutions for the bed liner go, the drop-in solution is quite easy on the wallet. It’s also remarkably easy to install, which means that you can get the needed drop-in liner, literally drop it in, and that’s that. It’s a good way of keeping the truck bed safe not only from the elements but provides some extra protection in case you need to haul any cargo.

The trouble with the drop-in bed liner comes from the potential of rust that can still come from wet splotches. It requires you to be extremely careful with it and ensure that no amount of water gets stuck in between, as it can easily cause the truck bed to rust in the corners if you allow it to collect. It’s a great solution, but it does require extra effort to ensure that things go smoothly.

What about the spray-on bed liner?

Compared to the drop-in bed liner, utilizing the spray variant requires that you look into a professional to help apply it. While there are some DIY methods for it and it can go well enough, if you make a mistake it’s not going to last nearly as long as it would if handled by a professional. It is also more expensive than the drop-in liner. That said, what you get in exchange for more money and the help of a professional is a means of protecting the truck bed not just from the elements but also cargo for years.

Without a doubt the right type of spray in bed liner paint and texture with the help of an experienced professional to ensure that everything is airtight is pretty much all you need to protect your truck bed.

The bottom line

It’s clear who the winner is based on the fact that the spray-in bed liner has no real disadvantages. It’s not something that you have to pay extra close attention to, provided it was applied correctly. It will also last years, and you can easily have it sprayed again when the time comes.

As a matter of fact, you can even try the bed liner spray on a multitude of products. It’s not just something that is restricted to the truck bed — there are many more things that benefit from the spray. Without a doubt, the spray wins the bout.

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